ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Abd Al-Abbas Al-Muswi, Mohammed

Spiritual Intelligence and Its Relationship with Pattern of personality(Extroversion - Intr roversion)for the stage Preparatory students

Assistant .Prof. Dr.Adnan Marid Al-Magsousi; Mohammed Abd Al-Abbas Al-Muswi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 7-32

This research aims to Identify:-
1- The level of spiritual intelligence for the students of preparatory stage at preparatory students .
2- Types of pattern of (Extroversion - Introversion) and for the preparatory school students .
3- The relationship between spiritual intelligence and the personal behavior extroversion - introversion according to the variable social kind majoring patterns.
To achieve the research objectives the both of the searchers had choose a sample consists of (500) students by random class selection with approperat distribution for fifth grade students (scientific ,literary)stream both gender of the academil year (2014) in Karbala province , the spiritual intelligence standard has been structured deperding on Gardner theory(1983) in order to achieve study aims ,then four scopes variance of statistical function has been specified those are solving the problems, ,sublimitation ,mental awareness and, virtue the searcher formulate items for every scope of these four standards he also did the statistic analyses for the items and checking out the standard prosperities of stability and verification ,Externd veracity extracted it to by offering arbitrators committee of psychology and psycho measurement to offer their openions about the items validity for the stability ,it has been extracted by two ways, they are retesting and it amounted it (0.84) ,and the Alfa-Gronbauch amounted at (o.86) ,the two researchers adopted the measurement of extroversion and introversion from Eysenck list that comprise of, (24) items ,answered by (Yes) or (No) and for the standard vision (B) of Eysenck list of personality ,thus ,the two researchers verify the validity of the standard and its stability ,extracted apparent veracity by presenting it for a group of judgments, specialized in psychology and psycho measurement specialists ,Its range was (0.77) for the (extroversion - introversion)
After finishing the practices ,the two searchers used suitable statistic ways for analyzing data ,the results show the following :
1- The current sample members have spiritual Intelligence.
2- The sample members of the current research have the personality kind about (Extroversion) aspects .
3- There is a positive correlation between the spiritual Intelligence degrees and the personality pattern (Extroversion -Introversion) for the research sample members .