ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Aad Altufaili, Mary

Psychological exhaustion and its relationship to social performance With Mothers of children with special needs Search unsheathed from the Master

Assistant profe. phd. Ahmed Abdul Hussein Alezergawi; Mary Aad Altufaili

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 107-138

The exhaustion and psychological serious problem, its impact extends to most of the behavior of the individual, where it has a range of negative effects that may affect the individual, which result in a lack of individual production, and the withdrawal of his work, but of the whole of life Vihad early, and even if he continued his work shall be routine, and less interest in dimension humanitarian deal considerably less Musharkath compassionate with those around him and weaken the social discipline and less cooperation with the members of the society.The current research was aimed to identify:
1. The level of psychological exhaustion among mothers of children with special needs.
2. statistically significant at the level of psychological exhaustion maternal differences depending on the variable of academic achievement (primary, lower secondary, university).
3. social performance among mothers of children with special needs.
4. statistically significant differences in social performance level of maternal variable depending on the academic achievement (primary, lower secondary, university).
5. The correlation between the two variables Search (psychological exhaustion and social performance).
In order to achieve objectives of the research, the researcher build psychological exhaustion scale adopted Samurai Scale (2003), social performance, has been followed researcher scientific steps in the construction of psychological scales and extract Alsekoumtria properties through applied research sample the (400) (mother), and after making sure of the validity and reliability indicators