ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Dr.Haidar Talib Hussain, Prof.

The stage of good feelings In the USA

Prof. Dr.Haidar Talib Hussain

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 367-386

Led the presidential election in 1800 for the Democratic Republican Party win the presidency by candidate Thomas Jefferson , and since his victory , the last wire policy led to the expansion of its base mass and consolidate his influence on the one hand , and the weakening of the federal party and the demise of American political life, on the other hand , has embodied that policy the purchase of Louisiana province of France in 1803 at $ 15 million , and it commissioned showed that Republican party Appearance federal substance.
The party also took advantage of federal opposition to the War of 1812 with Britain, although the interests of the country require the establishment, which is exploited by Republicans to strengthen their influence and visually rivals Federalist Party. Since 1804 took the party continued to back down and got in the presidential elections held in the past (1804.1808 0.1816), but the (34,47,14), respectively, while it did not provide a candidate in the presidential elections in 1812, and that came In 1820 elections, the party continues until the final of American political life to pave a new stage called the good feelings or compromise and harmony stage by stage, as the country which has not seen partisan competition for the post of the American presidency.