ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Kadhim Mawla, Hayder

Openness to experience and its relation to the independent personality of the preparatory school students

Professor Dr. Abdul Satar Hamood; Hayder Kadhim Mawla

Al-Bahith Journal, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 13, Pages 142-164

Thus the objective of this study was to identify:
1. The level of openness to experience that the students of the preparatory stage have.
2. The level of personal independence independent per sodality that the students of the preparatory stage have.
3. The relationship between openness to experience and independent personality that research the students of the preparatory stage have.
The sample consisted of the (470) male and female students of the fifth preparatory (science and literary section, representing 10% of the research community has been chosen randomly from the class (12) schools for the academic year (2013-2014).
In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher adopting the aspects measure of openness to experience (Costa and McRae 1992), which consists of six I factors are (fiction - aesthetics - emotions - activities - ideas - and values) and construct validity standard features of the scale (validity and reliability) were verified. has been extracted honesty virtual and certified construction . As has been verified indicator of stability in my own way the test - retest reliability coefficient reaching is (81%). The equation Al-Vakronbach reaching reliability coefficient (83%) and consists of the measure in its final form (44) items to measure the openness to experience.
As the researcher developed a measure of independent personality, which consists of five be haired behavior components which are (self-efficacy - the decision - self-confidence - freedom of speech - to take responsibility), including a total of (50) items in its initial from. standard features have been verified of the scale (the validity and reliability) face validity and construct validity the reliability by were calculate. test - retest reliability coefficient reached (86%). The Cranach's alpha, has been verified. As the reliability coefficient was (88%). There for the measure in its final form consists of (46) items to measure the independent personality.
The researcher then applied the scales on the basic sample of the research and then analyze and process data statistically using a number of means, including t-test for one sample, t-test for two independent samples and Pearson correlation coefficient. The researcher reached to the following results.
- Individuals of the sample high level have of openness to experience.
- specialization.
- Enjoy the sample has independent personality.
There is a positive correlation between openness to experience and independent personality that the students of the preparatory stage have.
In light of these findings, the researcher presented a number of recommendations. And suggested a number of future studies.