ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Ala,

The military coup in Pakistan in 1958 and take over Mohammed Ayub Khan rule (historical Study)

Ala; a Abbas Nama Al Safi; Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tanash Shuwaili; Asist

Al-Bahith Journal, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, Pages 65-80

Deteriorating economic and political situation in Pakistan to a great extent in Pakistan during the years (1951-1958), and there was grumbling and resentment extreme various classes and the popular demanded radical change of the situation dire, and attracted attention tends to the military establishment, led by Defense Minister and Commander of the Army (Muhammad Ayub Khan) to achieve this, he decided the last move and forced the President of the Republic (Iskander Mirza) to issue orders to the Pakistani army and the application of martial law, led by Ayub Khan with the suspension of the constitution in 1956 was done on 7 October 1958, but Ayub Khan wanted to autocracy, especially after disagreeing with Iskander Mirza in many issues concerning the administration of the State, and after the formation of a new government on 24 October of the same year under his leadership, have increased the powers of Ayub Khan dramatically, leaving rival in the leadership of the country's only Iskander Mirza , then he forced him to resign in October 27 1958 and Ayub Khan became president instead of him.