ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Radhi Abdul Mohsen, Taghreed

The Impact Of Round House strategy on acquiring and retention of historical concepts For first Intermediate School students

Assist Prof.Dr.Sadiq Obeis Al Shafei; Taghreed Radhi Abdul Mohsen

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 10, Pages 7-28

(effect the Round House strategy to acquire and retention of historical concepts in the first class students average)
this study aims at :-
1- knowing the impact of round house strategy in acquiring the historical concepts for pirsl intermediate female students.
2- knowing the impact of round house strategy in retaining the historical concepts for pirsl intermediate female students.
To fulfil these aims , the researcher adopted partid control for equd groups experimental design . the researcher deliberately chose a first intermediate school (AL-Bonncnbj a for girls ) as a sample from the Directory of Education in Babil to conduct the experiment during the academic year( 2012_2013).
the sample consists of (71) students (41)as an experimented group that taught the round house strategy and (35) as a control group that taught the traditional way.
the researcher determined the last three chapters of the history of the ancient civilization book as a material for both groups .in the light of the content of the textbook the researcher determined (20) desired historical concepts for both groups .According to these (20) concepts the researcher prepared (60) behavioral objectives to measure the acquiation of the concepts (definition _distinction _applying).then the researcher prepared (14) roundhouse for the experimental group students covering the material of the determined historical concepts .moreover the researcher prepared (14)lesson plans for both groups.
to make sure of aims the researcher conducted an achievement test (a multiple-choice type) of for options to measure the students acquisition of the concepts .this test consisted of (60) items and its validity and reliability had been achieved.
after finishing the experiment and the test ,data had been collected and statistically treated (by using spss).after analyzing the statistical results ,the researcher concluded that there were statistically significant differences in the responses between the experimental group and that of the Control group on the benefit of the experiment avone . which means that the experimental group who utilized the round house strategy were better than those who use the traditional way in acquiring and retaining the historical concepts .
In the light of the results , the researcher recommended that the round House strategy should be adopted in teaching the material of history for the first intermediate level .
As well as she suggested conducting a similar study but in different materials and school levels .