ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Dr. Mackie hilarious cream, M.

The impact of the style of diagnostic assessment in the development of spelling skills and achievement when students of the second grade average

M. Dr. Mackie hilarious cream

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 10, Pages 108-138

This research aims to investigate the effect of the style of diagnostic assessment in the development of spelling skills and achievement when students of the second grade average, derived from the null hypothesis that reads "There is no statistically significant difference at the level (0.05) between the average score for students in the experimental group who are studying style diagnostic assessment , the average score for students in the control group who are studying the way the standard in the development of spelling skills , and achievement , according to the sex variable , and interaction "To aim of the research was chosen experimental design a set partial sets , and the chosen medium Algeria for Boys , and a secondary fulfillment for Girls , located in the center of the province of Diwaniyah wildly to apply experience them, and selected four people from the second row middle wildly also Almtosttin ( students , and students ) , and reached the research sample (92) students , divided between two groups of (48) students , and (44) a student for each division in the two groups experimental , and the control group).
The researcher conducted the parity between the two groups of students in search of the following variables : (chronological age , revealing spelling skills , and prior knowledge , mental ability , and language ability) .
After determining the scientific article contained some topics book Dictation scheduled to be taught to students in the second grade average, the researcher developed a behavioral objectives , and lesson plans , and to identify the skills of spelling , and achievement test final which consisted of (30) paragraph test , including spelling skills -type multiple-choice in light of the map test , has been characterized by honesty and consistency after the presentation to a group of experts and specialists , and extract him psychometric properties , and then layer on the students after the end of the experiment .
And used a researcher in the procedures discussed , and the analysis of results and statistical methods including: test samples t (T-test) for two independent samples , used it to make a parity between the two sets of search , and the Pearson correlation coefficient (Bearson), used it to calculate the reliability coefficient of the test in a way retail midterm , and the equation of Spearman - Brown , used it in the correct correlation coefficient between the two parts of the test (degrees of individual paragraphs , and marital) , and the equation of Cooper , he used to calculate the stability of a questionnaire spelling skills , and analysis of variance bilateral interaction , used it to analyze the results .
The results showed the superiority of the experimental group students on the students in the control group achievement spell , and also showed a difference in the average score for the collection of the two groups (experimental and control) variable according to sex (female) , as there is no reaction , according to the variables of the group and sex.
In light of the findings , the researcher recommended to follow the style of diagnostic assessment in the teaching of spelling ; because it ensures that the teacher preparation before the student explain the issue , and after teaching as well as in other materials , and suggested a similar study on the stages and in the other study the Arabic language other topics .