ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Hassan edaan, Salwa

Nomani approach in the historical novel by writing backbiting Assistant Lecturer

Salwa Hassan edaan

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 9, Pages 275-291

especially the absence of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance)
because he has experienced this period and was able to convey to us information of importance adopted by historians who Ja after him and who Ahtamo this period, a period dubbed backbiting Minor Then major occultation.
Search section three chapters (SSI) for required by the nature of the study, it handled First research joints personal life studied, including his name and the percentage of the surname, surname, birth and upbringing and his family and then his assassination, was limited sources at hand _ which sources saying a famous and quite a few _ to mention his name and his father, The other some titles him as ((Nomani, an author, a Shiite, al-Baghdadi, Tuni)) and was the first of months titles that title, and also the case in the birth and upbringing did not provide sources with accurate information about it except that the label Balnemana may Yumye to birth or upbringing There,

but for the family of Sheikh Nomani did not find her only daughter called Fatima bint Abi Abdullah Nomani wife Ali bin al-Hussein bin Ali bin Mohammed bin Yousef Moroccan.
As for his death, died honorable Sheikh Nomani when feet from Baghdad that he stayed there and was taught by Kulayni and helped him in writing a book enough and wrote him a plan for twenty years and then went to the Levant and died there in 360 AH.
The second section addresses the scientific status that characterized Sheikh Nomani, we find unexplained and updated speaker and the front Akaber Shiite scholars, which is great destiny, and Sharif Manzala, and true faith .
The student of Sheikh Nomani by Akaber scientists and especially the Shiite scholars adequate Kulayni author of the book, as it was for the Sheikh Nomani number of pupils who Saro on his approach, as we mentioned in our books Sheikh Nomani that may be each Msabohh and other non-printed.
And mentioned in Section III methodology Sheikh Nomani of the novel historical through the book backbiting, if we meaning attribution and adoption in the novel historical and number novels that were Musnad and Musnad, Kmazkrna number Koranic verses as well as the Hadith, and mentioned geographical locations and number, and we find through our knowledge on novels historical in backbiting find book that there is a breakdown and brevity and repetition in the novels as well as a commentary and this shows us interesting historical author incident through the transfer, and dealt with the resources of the historical novel in the book of absence.