ISSN: 2003-2222


Building a model for amending the Arabic curriculum in primary schools


Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 250-275

wed distributional analysis and survival and
fielded curriculum to achieve the research goal by a
compositing research society of Arabic language teachers
(female and male ) for primary stage so they were teaching
Arabic language in primary schools that referred to
directorates of Baghdad governorate in AL-RUSAFA and ALKARKH
wherein their number were (2026 ) of teachers
(female and male ) and the research sample were consists of
(200) of teachers they were selected randomly from research
society in reality of (100 ) female and ( 100 ) male in purpose
to gain on clauses represented the sixth campaigns that
included by amending process
Researcher has done scouting study reached to scout sample
as (50) teachers (female & male ) from those who teaching
Arabic language material and (10 ) from teachers who were
teaching Arabic language and (10 ) of them they were as
Arabic language supervisors and (5 ) of them they were as
curriculums' workers in education ministry and (10 ) of them
they were as methods of teaching and the curriculums in
colleges of Baghdad university , then researcher showed
explanation clauses on group of specialists in field of
education methods in case of to know the range of
authorization period of clauses upon achieve investigation of
apparent troth after they gave their opinions some of clauses
were canceled and it considered as in ratio of 80% from
acceptance the clause < so it become (107 ) clauses then such
clauses showed on group of experiences they had corrected
in previous time in fields of tool correction and their
expectations as researcher used measurement tool called of
triple THYERSTON after concluded to final shape of
amending model , researcher started with his application
through period between 20/1/2012 to 30/4/2012 on a sample of
Arabic language teachers for center of Baghdad that among of
(200 ( teachers ( female & male ) to achieve research's goal
and it is the amending of Arabic language in primary schools ,
therefore researcher used a computer to earn his results and