ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Amer Sabar Ali, M.

Address Content analysis programs for women in the channel (Heah) satellite for the period from

M. Amer Sabar Ali

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 421-433

channel (is) space) researcher used the descriptive analytical
method to reach valid conclusions and matching study aims to:
1. Identify how interesting channel for Arab Women (are)
important Arab women's issues.
2. Stand on the order of the agenda issues of the screen
channel (is) for women.
3. Know the size of educational programs and education
provided by the channel (is).
4. What is the size of interest slides problems with larger
proportions in the community of women goal of working
women, farming, nomadic.
The study found a set of results was highlighted:
1. Not taking into account the specialized media for women to
environmental characteristics and social and economic
2. Software lacks many of the scientific criteria and media
3. Petty tyranny of entertainment programs.
4. Attention to women's issues educated and wealthy in the
cities and capitals and neglect issues and minor problems of
To achieve the objectives of the study are distributed research
on three chapters:
1 - Chapter I: methodological framework, which included a
research problem and the importance of the aim of the
research and the limits of research and research methodology.
2 - Chapter II: the theoretical framework, addressing media
specialist and specialized television channels and women and
communication technology, media properties against women
and the image of women in the Arab specialized Vdaúyatea