ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : H. AL-Bahadli, a

Investigating Iraqi English Secondary School Teachers' Classroom Strategies

Khansa; a H. AL-Bahadli; Ph.D. Candidate

Al-Bahith Journal, 2016, Volume 6, Issue 17, Pages 17-31

This study is about Iraqi excellent
English secondary school teachers’
classroom strategies . The study
focuses on teachers’ classroom
strategies in four aspects: managing
classroom interaction, questioning,
teacher’s feedback and error
correction. The findings show that
the teachers use some classroom
strategies that encourage students to
speak at class in order to create an
interactive classroom.
The purpose of this study is to
identify and investigate what exact
strategies the excellent teachers use
to create an interactive classroom.
Two kinds of approaches are mainly
used in the studies of EFL classroom
interactions (Chaudron,1988: 1)
Behavioral Category: behavioral
category classifies behaviors of the
teacher and students in terms of
language skill acquisition
consequences of the behaviors. It
involves the use of a form or
schedule consisting of a set of
categories for coding specific
classroom behaviors. 2) Discourse
analysis: discourse analysis serves as
a device for systematically
describing the kinds of interactions
that occur in language classrooms.
The researchers aim to account for
the joint contributions of teacher and
students and describe all the data.
1.1The Problem and its Significance Introduction