ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Mahdi Karim, Hanadi

Appoach in the book of AL-Bakri Said Morocco -in Africa and the Maghreb

prof .Dr.Zaman obaid Wannas; Hanadi Mahdi Karim

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 305-318

Abu Ubeida AL-Bakri is of
the Arabic thinking scientists
during the 5th century B.H.
and 11th century A.H. in
doing the complete
encyclopedia in culture.
Moreover, he has been
directed into various arts
and done a lot of them.
The current research aims
at studying Abu Ubeida in
the frame of his own reign in
which he portraited its
events and happenings (or
realities) that were
represented in his writings
especially his famous book
Morocco -in Africa and the
Maghreb. Thus, the present
study has been restricted to
the African trait and
Morocco from this book.
Furthermore, this passage
is considered the one the
marvelous and oldest
writing about Morocco. On
one hand, it has been
considered the human trait
and from the first economic
model. On the other hand, it
has been the greatest book
which contained the history
of Morocco as he has
collected whatever he had
gained of references
regularly, and benefited a
lot, and been accurate in
checking the reading
carefully. Thus, his works
have contained various
factors for the great benefit
in the side of those who
study the civilized history,
and social as well as
political history and …. etc.
Moreover, being set from
this point, this study has
taken into consideration
shedding light on this man
and his province besides his
scientific efforts in indenting
the history of his own place.
His days were divided into
many states and places that
were conflicted so as to get
expansion that is why he
has presented to us a
material that could have
been gloomy in the history