ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Auday Al-Jarah, By

'' The Common Spelling Mistakes of the Students of Department of Arabic Language at College of Education , University of Karbala .

By Auday Al-Jarah

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 0-0

The spelling mistakes become a phenomenon deserves to stop at it and look at its range, to diagnose its causes and reach to the successful solutions for it . Especially this phenomenon become bigger and bigger and extend its scope to jump to the university students . So that it is necessary to identify the range of this phenomenon .Thus the department of Arabic language was chosen because it is the department which is specialist in the different arts of Arabic language .
Especially the art of drawing the letters and words in the correct and the best way .
Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran and this language was distinguished by Allah to the other languages to carry His Heavenly Messages and keep it from falsification and fade . In the Holy Quran Allah says '' Surely we have revealed the reminder and we will most surely be its guardian ''*
So this adds to the Arabic more strength , steady and immortality when He sent his Book in this language .
The researcher seeks help of some previous studies which are related directly and indirectly to his topic such as '' Al-Atiya 1999 '' , '' Al-Tikriti study 2002 ''and '' Thomas study 1961'' .
The community of the research is consist of the students of the Arabic language from both the morning and the evening classes of 524 students .The sample of the research is reached to 150 students and it formed % 28.63 from the total research community .
The researcher depends on the research tool which was used by Segaab in 2002 as a tool to his research .
The researcher explained the results according to the goal of the research which is the answer of the following question '' What are the spelling mistakes which the students of the Arabic language department , college of education , university of Karbala fall in them ? ''
According to the results the researcher recommends the following instructions :
1. College instructors should notice what their students write and warn them of the spelling mistakes which they commit wherever they appear and chase those mistakes and correct them and so on .
2. Punish the students for their spelling mistakes which they commit especially in the terms exams by discounting some scores and rewarding the students who write writings without spelling mistakes by adding some marks . So this will build a kind of competition among the students .
* Surah The Rock '' Al hajr '' Line 9 .