ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Jwaed Kadom, Saad


Saad Jwaed Kadom

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 275-326

The staff member is one of the important educational and scientific constituents in university and one of the main pillars that iden tify the degree of learning proiciency,level and efficiency .he has important roles in achieving and developing learning.
The study aims at evaluating the performance of the history teacher,in university of karbala,from the students point of view in the light of effective teaching.the society of the study is the students in the department of history for morning studyes in the academic year 2008-2009,their number is(355)student .the researcher picked a deliberate sample of(91)student from the fourth classes rating(%25.63)of the study society.
To carry out evaluation ,the researcher surveyed he litevafure and scientific sufficiency necessary for the staff member.accordingly,a norm composed of seven fields is organized .the is fields are educotional and behovioural goals for the lecture,planning and excuting the lecture,human relatoins,managing the learning environment and its learnning techningues,ability to run and the class,personal fea tares and finally evaluation. .
After analysing the samples final responses measured by the norm set and by using staistical means such as arithmetic means,alfa korenbach equation,the standard deviation,variation and percentahe,the stady reacle at the result the eva luation of the performance of the history teacher in the light of effectes teaihing has been medium in performance according to the sample responles.Moreover ,there are no statistical differences in evaluating the per formance of the history teacher with respect to students sex.
The Reseacher Recommends That It Is Nnecessary to care about the curriculums of me the do logy sessios,and these sessios should not only be Routinic ones,hoiving no effect on the process of university teaching .Moreover ,it is Necessary take care about effective teaching that affects the learners personality and ,hence ,bring about the desired change in the learners behaviour, not only instructing him with in formation and is allso necessary to follow this process of evaluation yearly with respect to students points of view,and depend on it a tool of identifying phases of strength and weakness for teachers in general.
The Researcher Suggests That a Similar Study Be Carried Out To Evaluat the performance of Staff Members in the light of Effive Teaching according to other variables such as teacher sex,Experience,speciazation and Title .staff members of other departments in the college of Education,University of karbala can also be included in similar studies