ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Mohammed Baqer Jawad, Suhad

The fake stories about prophet and singing situations in the six AL sahah

Suhad Mohammed Baqer Jawad; PhD. Asst. Dr. Ayad Abdulhussein Saihood Al-Khafaji

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 159-182

To know the Prophet Muhammad to create great recipes benign, and talk of noble morals like trying to describe the sun forenoon, but it is unfortunate that we find in the books of Muslim novels impair the person holy, Sometimes shown by the appearance of loving for fun and fun, and the other urges to hear the singing and ordered by, as the spread such news among books of Muslims was the duty of researchers and specialists in Islamic history re-look at all that without the Biography of the Prophet, especially after that crept hands of the Umayyad to the date of the Prophet to put it as many accounts of promotional for their views of intellectual, political, and research that we are dealing with highlights the novels set annexed by the six books of Saheeh, which is for the position of Alrcolmn singing.
The basis of our criticism of these novels based on the study of the bond and the Metn, We have paid the bond more attention, the fact that employers Asahah six modernizers and the basis for the health of the novel or not they have is a bond; In addition to our critique of the support, we decided to compare accounts of singing such as Adadha of accounts authorized prohibiting singing and Warning Apostle of it, as well as the views of scholars on the prohibition of singing.