ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Abd Al Sattar Hammoud Addai, Dr.

The emotional intelligence and its relationship Between the mental health of the student Of Kerbela university . Research submitted

Aliaa Naceer Ubias; Dr. Abd Al Sattar Hammoud Addai

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 243-274

The present study aims identify the level of emotional intelligence among the students of the university of Kerbela and identify the level of mental health among the students of the university of Kerbela and identify the identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and mental health university student in Kerbela .
The research is restricted to a sample of student (424) student for the academic year(2009-2010) in order to achieve objectives of the research the research building measure emotional intelligence based on the theory of Daniel Golman 1995 and competent that are identified such as : self- aware ness ,managing emotions, motivation, empathy social skills, has achieved are searcher form the psychometric properties of the scale as it was to extract the truth in two ways namely : face validity and certified construction . were also unearthed in stability in the following ways : re-test reliability coefficient reached (0.76) bringing the retail mid-term reliability coefficient (0.78) and corrected spearman Brown formula was (0.87).
And the final form of the scale (86) items are valid for measuring emotional intelligence . the researcher were adopt a measure of mental health of the tiger (2009) and extracted validity and reliability and discrimination for him . researcher applied scales on a sample basic research.
And after analyzing the data statistically treated using statistical means the following : test educational administration for one sample , the test educational administration for two samples of independent , correlation coefficient Pearson chi square, Spearman Brown .
The researcher found the following results:-
Personnel of the research sample high emotional intelligence.
And there is a correlation ''direct correlation'' between emotional intelligence and mental health.