ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Assist Khudayer Abbas Darweesh, Ph.D

Levels ofpoeticrecollection Analytical studyinthepoem "Haneen"for Dr.Sheikh AhmedAlwaeli

Ph.D Assist Khudayer Abbas Darweesh

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 313-330

Dr. Sheikh Ahmed al-Waeli was a preacher and poet , but he is known a preacher rather than a poet. Sheikh Al- Waeli wrote beautiful poetry in all its different objectives; he wrote religious , social , political , brotherly and lamentation poetry . He wrote two small books of poetry which were printed under the title of the First Diwan and the Second Diwan. Some of his poems were collected and printed under the title of " Diwan Ahmed Al-Waeli ".
The poem which is the subject of our study is " Haneen, ( Nostalgia) " which is classified under the brotherly poetry , is associated with recollection and this made the poet make recollection the base on which he built his poem . Our study to this poem is an analytic study . We showed in its beginning the connection between nostalgia and recollection. Then we showed the levels of the poetical recollection . We found that these levels are of three types :
Time recollection which took different kinds . Social recollection which is the same as the former and the recollection of place which has been in all its details the conclusion which we consider is worthy of this study which was the purpose behind our choice for this poem .
We presented the most important results we have got in the conclusion of this study .