ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : H. Ayal, dr.yassen

Construction of an achienement test accordinfg to rach model 1st intermedial class biology subject

dr.yassen H. Ayal

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 211-256

the study intended constuct an achievement test in the subject of biology for is intermediate students according to rach model .to achieve this aim the researcher ,relaying on (abdullah,2004),constructed a test the items of which measure the first three levels of bloom taxonomy in the cognitive domain.the test consisted of 40 items which was esposed ,along with the test instructions and booklet , to ajury of experts to check the test face validity . the test then was conducted to a rondom sample of 100 male and female students to check the clarity of test items ,instructions ,and answering required time. This pilot adminstration nevealed that all test items and instructions are clear and the time needed for responding to test items was 35 minuets
to analyse the test items statistically,the nesearcher canducted the test on a sample of 200 male and female studentswho were chooses randanly . the test item then were scored by giving (1)to the correct response and (0)to the wrong one.
The test item were analyzed statistically according to rach model by basic content analysis using social sciences(spss).using varimax method of kaiser,one meaningful factor was elicited for each of the fine tests.
The items( )of the general factor was found to be above(0.30)in all items . then, rach model for item analysis was adopted according to( )theory . after test analysis and test items grading , the test in its final from consisted of 34 items.