ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Ali A. AL-Hussien, Hussien

Logical Lights on the Method Geographical Research AnDeductive Study of the Academic Theses

Hussien Ali A. AL-Hussien

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 295-317

The study sheads the light on the importance of logic indirecting the geographical scientifit approach in achieving the most accurate results in finding the unknown variables .The study also discusses the analysis of the mistakes which are causes by the ignorance of the researcher of the approach followed in the study included in university thesis that might lead to uncertain results ,thus,the achieviting requirements of the logical thinking of the researcher is considered very important in finding the unknown variables according of the main approaches in searching (Deduction) (Indection) and the seconding approaches which are used within each branch of geography. A question is used in collecting the data of the study to (166) thesis which are considered as a sample to the study according to a degree of confidence ( 95% ) .
The question air is diding in variable percentages to the different branches of geography according to avaiblity of the studing in these branches which includes a number of Iraq university thesis (Master and Ph.D) in dependents of geography ,the colleges of arts in the period from (2002 to 2009),(35.5%) of these studies is related to natural geography which humanistic geography received(59%) of the study and finally(5.5%) is related to catography.
The researcher has arrived at the following conclusions in the study :
1- Researchers has mis conception indisting uishing between the concept of the structure of the study and the approach of the study which arrives at a percentage of (54.2%).
2- The study imporves that researchers do not realize the importance of the scientific hypothesis since (21%) of the studies included in the sampls of the study did include the hypothesis . 3- The hiqh percentage of the studies which use the Deduction approach in which statistics is used which reached(56%) of the studies is considered as a good marker to following the quantity stracture in which the most accurate resulte are achieved