ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : A Hammadi, khameis

The Poem of pre-islamic from orally to writing

khameis A Hammadi; Assist Prof Dr

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 427-463

The transition of the pre -Islamic poem from its oral form into
Its written form, was accompany by number of change
Concerning the poetic context itself or concerning how the
Receiver would deal with the context.
This transition had negative effect on the text itself because
After this transition, the context lost its relation with audience
(the readers) in direct way, in addition to the poet himself who
Lost his fame because the audience became able to read and
Understand the context (the poem) without the presence of
the Poet.
This research would deal with the oral and written forms of the
(pre –Islamic) poem and it would be into two sections.
The first section would deal with the transition of the pre-
Islamic poem from its oral form into its written form and the
Changes accompany this transition.
The second section would deal with the positive and negative
Effect of this transition on the poetic context.
The researcher depended on old and modern references and
Also a number of thesis from different Arabic and Iraqi
I wish that I covered this subject in careful way, in spite of my
Knowledge of the fact that, this subject needed more and more
To be covered completely.