ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : A. Wenas, Dr.zaman

Hallmarks of Scienntists in the history of karbala (( from The Third to the tenth of migration ))

Angham A. Jyad; Dr.zaman A. Wenas

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 405-425

Had the scienitists karbala effect is clear pages of history they have the leading role in the spread of many sciences across the country were their hallmarks contribution in history led to boom in the city of karbala bhola scientists and indication of the large number of setted of scientists and in tellecuals ,and many what antgon in various fielde of science despite what the city suffered from the umayya caliphs ,but it was able to play belamauhu which prompted me waller choos this research two things ,first ;to emphasiz the continuation of the status of karbala ,scientific and second,that the city of karbala have been less studied akadimek good , althout afew sources about it unless lam abl to juggle between the folds of book for this serch but for this research on the three section First ; turning faithful to the beginning of the renaissance property in karbala and the role of scientists in spreading the message of science cutside the city and the seconde part ;the fingerprints of karbala scientists in the dissemination of science to china and the levants and the third topic the type of science that the scientists creted the karbala and the pace of science and all over the world has perfected the science but I said two or three worlds each flag.