ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Uday Hatim Al-Mafraji, Dr.

The Educational Policy in Iraq 1915-1930: (An Analytical Study)

Dr. Uday Hatim Al-Mafraji

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 248-282

The education policy of Iraq were one of the administrative series that supported the political authority and did not come from a social philosophy ,as they had already been political and aiming to ends further tham the sience affairs and to create cultured and in the know elite.
The reason why we selected the period (1915-1930)to study is that the first year educational policy in iraq particularly that appeared in Basra town and the second year denotes the settleaent of the education policy which had taken firm course after its depending upon the American method of education .
It has been used the ways of analyse and conclusion in this study in order to express the purpose of those education policies of Iraq which have not gone farther them the arbit of the adopted policy and authority coincided with prevailing the illiteracy and backwardness .there fovethe intellectualism of the Iraqi mentality became as results of chauvinist philosophy paved the way to the growth of the future mentality for every secular thought owning abundant opportunity to take part in the political developments of Iraq.