ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Hussein Muhammad, Ibtisam

The Evaluation of Female Teachers during Internment in The Female Teachers’ Institute In Kerbala

Ibtisam Hussein Muhammad

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 320-340

The world in which we live is that of Knowledge and rapid Development in all field of life .The comprehensive quick change caused by the scientific development and the technological revolution is the most important characteristic of the present societies in that it leaves its impacts on fields of life especially the field of education.
Preparing of teacher is one of the important cases which draws increasing attention especially in the education domains insides Arab would and outside it Such a case has been given a great deal of attention due to the role of the teacher in the society . Modem education looks at the teacher as the one who is able to achieve the required and expected roles from him sufficiently direct and invoke the students to learn as well as to search for knowledges and choose , treat and use them. .
Depending on the pervious speech , many efforts began to develop the process of preparing teacher , one of its results is to rise his performance in his job ,and enable him with his skill to help his pupils to achieve the goals. Paying attention to prepare teacher and qualify him on the new educational and psychological bases , is one of efforts which depend upon the educational entrance depending on the sufficiencies that is considered that to be one of the important trends in preparing the teacher and the most common and spreading.
The researcher, finds it necessary that there is necessary need to cover this field by research and study . the necessary girl – teacher in the teacher training in students.