ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Kaml Abd, Dr.Mstefa

The Historical Development of the Human Rights In the Ancient and medieval civilizations

Dr.Mstefa Kaml Abd; Dr. Naeem Abd Godh; Asst. prof.Dr. Muhammad Thamer

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 365-378

The historical studies gave so much interest in different fields of policy, economy and social affairs. So did the studies of law which concerned in the pure constitutional, criminal and international studies. Thus studying the laws of the human rights lacked, in the ancient and medieval ages in particular, much more care. Hence we found it very convenient to shed lights on what heritage of this kind those civilizations produced in the interest of the human society that lived in different social estates with very wide gaps. Therefore, those legal achievements became as new turning point or customary precedents like to have been the corner stone of the next humane developments, as in England in particular.
The research depended upon several historical and constitutional references and some articles in the periodicals as that by Taha Bakir and Salah Al Nahi . so there are many books have been used as: The Digest in the Human Rights and his essential liberties by Dr.Gazi H. Sebirini ; The Roman Law by Philip Mitchell and The Public Liberties and the Human Rights by Muhammad Sa'aeed Al Majthoob.
The research has been divided into four topics and a conclusions. The first topic shed lights on what prominent laws were introduced in the ancient Iraqi civilization, in a Sumerian dynasty and the Babylonish empire. The second topic contained the legal achievements of the Greek civilization which came with lawful, social and philosophic nature in an attempt to grant all the human sons absolute equity. The third topic studied, in focus more than the others , the constitutional deeds that had been grown up and ripped by the Romans as this nation devoted too much efforts for the interest of what might be said the human right, as groups or individuals. The fourth topic included the judiciary accomplishments in the medieval civilization of England that were represented in feudal and customary formula.