ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Aqeel Akmoush Abid, Lect.

The Development of the Quranic Vocabulary by the Sufis: “ The Congeniality of Signs” as an Example

Lect. Aqeel Akmoush Abid

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 138-158

Of the Qur'anic text to the Sufis of great importance in reaching an understanding of Islamic law and purposes of their research was accompanied by Quranic "explanation" a major development in the semantics, we find a single Quranic have been hit in the evolution of its meaning in general.

This research set out to gain access to the features of the development of this individual have, and the interpretation of peeling (d. 465 h.) be named "for some professional references" an arena for this search.
It has been a search at the beginning by talking about the concept of semantic development in general and talk about the causes and consequences, before setting off to search about the significance of individual Quranic when peeling.

Search and taken to reach this end, two first talked about the Semantic which assumes a relationship between the original language of the Koran and the Single significance when, and the second arrived in the new semantics was a complete break from the original language of the Koran Single.
You have arrived at the most important research findings to the intellectual authority that was the Sufi-oriented basis of the meaning of the Quranic attempt from near or far to link this evidence Bmqomadtha new language, taking advantage of all the linguistic contexts in which they are single-Quranic.