ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Hussein Idrees, Muhammad

Zuhair Bin Al-Qain Al-Bajli Between the Account Discourse and Knowledge

Muhammad Hussein Idrees

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 183-293

1)All the history references specially the translation not recognize about Zuhair Ibn AL-Qainy circumstances although he is one of the famous men of first century of Islamic calendar because most of references interested with the story of Zuhair joining with Shieah.1

2)Pretention of references that the reason of Zuhair joining with shieah depending on the Sulaiman AL-Bahely expecting

3)The review of Zuhair AL-Qainy enjoining to the way of AL-hajj was ignored after the calculations of days of hajj after day of Tarweeh and calculation the distance beginning from the Coofa city proved the impossipl of AL-Beglly living away from Mecca instead he waited AL-Shieah at Zarud..
4)pretention of undesirable meeting and inexact time of presents of AL-Beglly unacceptable..
5)The high position by AL-Beglly because of AL-Hussain,like talking with enemies and leading the right side of AL-Hussains army this refer to that AL-Bagly was In same side with AL-Hussains thought. .