ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Kadhim Al-Ma, Musa

The Evaluation of Teaching the Subject of Education Bases from the Students’ Perspective

mouri; Musa Kadhim Al-Ma

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 294-319

In our new world is looked for the education as one of most important devices that the communities depend on in the operations of fabric , developing and cultural progress by fitting the people in different basics of their personalities The educators concordant the ach who works in the educational extent must be know how did the education grow during the time and what has it today ? So , the researcher tried to valuate the teaching of educational basics material which is teached in the first stages of the college of education from the students opinion because they are the aim of educational operation and they shall become teachers after they finish their study in the college .
The research was limited with the students of the second stage / morning study of the studying year 2010 – 2011 whom studied this material for a folly year .
The researcher used the questionnaire as a device of his research which was begun with the following opening question : You are a student in the second stage , what are the problems that you faced during your study of basics of education ?
The researcher collected the data and made them in extents of questionnaire so as to get it's verity by showing it to the conversant .
In order to get the questionnaire it's validity , the researcher gave a questionnaire for an exploration sample of hundred students and gave them again after two weeks , then he used" Person's low " of relation . Then he found the ratio between the two times is ( 0 . 84 ) that refers to a good relation .
Then he used the questionnaire by giving it to a rate ( 0. 25 ) of the same sample which was ( 509 ) students after ultimating the exploration sample . The researcher got many results , like :
1. The disability of some teachers to make the students request to study this material .
2 . Some of the students hadn't any idea of educational basics importance .
3 . The disability of some teachers to create the suspense factor at the students
4 . The exam questions hadn't a scientific form when it were written .
By getting these results , the researcher asked the teachers to get
the development which happened in the extent of teaching methods
and deal with the singular variances among the students when they write the questions