ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Mutlaq Muhamad, akram

jahm bin safwan:his scholastic views in negating the ascription of gads attributes

akram Mutlaq Muhamad

Al-Bahith Journal, 2011, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 8-35

Appeared Jahm bin Safwan has extended the Islamic state to Turkistan east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and Islam began prevail among the people of this empire large, which includes several types of races, cultures, religions and worship, State has shown great flexibility in its attitude towards this diversity, and show Islam breaststroke welcomed to the not embraced and entered them in the discussions of a peaceful, albeit sharp, and exchange some views with them and that has led to the emergence of many of the teams that were considered "Islamic" Despite differing opinions, and Islam.
And Jahm bin Safwan one Nonpareils adults who appeared in the late first century AH, ie, in the early periods of Islamic thought, and interested in studying the Koran and beliefs, and toured the country and called intellectuals, and I do the idea of an understanding of Koran and Islamic beliefs, Vodan in mind the views and reflected the vision ideas Through them and explained and expounded, sparking a major movement, casual team and backed by the team and people who reject his views, his ideas and accept others. But the number of supported by the biggest and greatest track of them, and the right that is credited with the largest in the development and clarify many of the principles that Dan the isolationists so I have mixed Jahamis with ALmuaatazela the ancients. As well as a team of people who were most adherent to his views and succumb to them, and they kept learned that if parties are characterized by so than others, but the impact of Jahm a secret even to his opponents at the thought, the views which he said it took others to the study and the concern to respond to them, and without appreciation for the impact and depth of what Achgloa themselves to respond to them, The importance of the garment is not measured by the number of subsidiaries in the views or quote from it and his hand, but also measured the number of care with a response from leading thinkers, and this is what followed me to choose the character (Jahm ibn Safwan) the subject of our research and no one else from the other characters.
When examining the thinker what, we have to study his life and try to clarify the environment in which his briefing, and the people who became aware of them, and shocked their opinions so they had a role in directing the destination of so, and prompted him to think about the issues that Think and style that he has taken in it, so the start of this research study of "action-oriented historical ideas Jahm bin Safwan" through the characters that is reminiscent of sources track of them in it, and the most prominent as it appears from the sources is "Ja'd bin dirham," is that Ja'd turn quote some of his views, according to some sources of the "Bian bin Saman AL tamimi" Therefore, extended research to the statement of his views of the attributes of God in order to clarify the views of Ja'd bin dirham. Among the most prominent of them met for sixteen years in the contemporary qualities is the "Mukatl Bin Sulaiman," So I thought it is worth to mention his views.
After the end Find in a direction to the ideas of the historical garment, I looked in the lives of garment and its inception, and its role in the revolution of Al-Harith bin Srij, which according to them in the dissemination of ideas but in the latter led to losing his life.
It was the most important issues addressed by the garment is a problem denied qualities, as this issue is important and political, which made me Make it, because the subject of basic research.
This has resulted in denial Jahm of the qualities that denied the Almighty God: the eye, face, hand and equator and the chair and the throne and look to God and the creation of the Koran, and dealt with all these things in the light of available information on the garment and his era, and how understanding of Muslims in his time.
And highlights the importance of the garment in the spread of his views, and the number of his followers to the extent of the search terminated Jahamis, Muslims look to it.
I am I hope that this research may be said aside from the vague thought and Islamic faiths, which was based entity and a great big face of millions of people and raise their level of intellectual and approved by their expanded and developed the spirit of research and refinement have. Indeed, we can say that the views stated by the garment and later adopted by the isolationists, was the start of the Great Islamic thought which came to rewarding in the following centuries and has had a significant impact not on the Islamic thought but also on human thought in general.