ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : A. Al-Khateeb, muhammad

Patterns of Artistic Expression in the drawings of intermediate school students and their Relation to the Control location

muhammad A. Al-Khateeb

Al-Bahith Journal, 2011, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 73-95

In the Name of God ,Most Gracious , Most Merciful
A Summary of the Research
(EI- Ghazooli : features of his epoch , his own life and his criticism)
Praise be to God :and His blessing and Peace be upon the Grand Prophet Mohammed and his infallible family .
At the beginning , it should be said that the reasonable ground for founding this research is to discuss and encounter the critical characteristics in EI – Sham countries in the Nineth of the Hijra century ,for the contemporary scholars believe that the cultured and well-bred people of that time were involved entirely in rhetoric and embellishing utterances , far away from creating effective concept .
The basic notion which dominated most of the researchers of that period led them to define its literature with affectation ,weakness and retardation . Contemporary Scholars took no notice of the literature of the Middle ages , especially during the reign of Mameluke , besides the numerous references which ornamented the culture of that epoch ; Such references show that life is still felt far away of the evaluation of Criticism . Although we don't accept the authors' excessiveness in the skills of rhetoric , nevertheless such tasks should not be neglected.
Indeed , Criticism is a science which has fundamentals , and is an art with endowment and self- creativity, aiming at serving literature ,conducting varions means like analyzing the contexts and viewing about them.
So, it's the duty of the authors of the Islamic epochs , especially , after the decline of the Abbasi Impire , to grasp the value of the objective and tactful criticism and apply its conditions on poetry and praise.
Among those is the writer of (Metali-el- Budoor in the houses of gayness) –Baha- el-deen Ali Bin Abdullah EL-Ghazooli (died in 815 A.H.)whose brief critical views are the core of this survey.
Our study is divided into three chapters .
The first one deals with the political , social and cultural influences on the cultured men of that time , specially El- Ghazooli , studying his own life and his cultural attempts.
The second chapter is interested in the critical aspects which characterized the criticism of El- Ghazooli in his book (Matali el- Buboor in the houses of gayness) such as ; evaluating utterances ; conducting the literal contexts and the connection between style and the beauty of the context .
Furthermore , the third chapter contains a conclusion of what has been mentioned in the first two chapters.
Thanks to God for His Great Gifts and Endowments.