ISSN: 2003-2222

Author : Arif,

A Reading of Haider Abdul-Khidr Collection of Poems “This is My Blood’s Dust”

Arif; Asst. Prof. Mustafa L

Al-Bahith Journal, 2011, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 286-315

That try searching the data poem poet Haidar Abdel Khader, require from the reader follow up effectively to communicate with Mhemenat layers of the text that Taatchris which language objects, and the daily reality, and the cries of war, and the tears of mothers, and groans of hungry people, and infants, but the reader to worlds this poet will face there are turning points, and the pitfalls of secret paths, and frightening the doors, however, that the reader of these things in the poem, you will see that the letter of the poem consists always on the basis of equations, is a far cry from the Tohemat metaphor run, and shift the mysterious, and when you read this poem the poet, notes that the writing of poetry take the form of a figurehead is governed by reasons of linguistic communication Angmabat Mosofi exports spaces in the text itself, this is the opinion of Mr. Haider Abdul Redha in the poem the poet Haidar Abdel Khader, and in his poetic tagged (This dust my blood), published by Dar Al-General of Cultural Affairs in 2010, we find that all that is in them from the title, cover image, and the dates of the poems, and some Anoanadtha, and Mtonha, and hidden from the biography of the poet, and the word which gave me them, and being aware innocent, and the argument Dante in Gehima 000 All of this points to the enormity of concern, and the greatness of the anguish the poet who slow to anger in the years of Waste, and desertification, as no longer the poet but wishes at the time of wars, sieges, and dreams layer 0 require a plan of study highlight monetary modern poetry collection (this dust my blood) of the poet Haidar Abdel Khader through the study of approaches to monetary dominant on a poetry collection (addressing , and editing poetry, and intertextuality, and the poem Gleam, a poem of personal) through the eyes of the poet, and the look of the receiver critic of the group poems first poet, and my view the monetary authority on the poet, and poetry manuscript. and printed, and the poetry collection 0