ISSN: 2003-2222

Keywords : Department of Arabic Language

Semiae label when the Arabs

Dr. Salah kadhim hadi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 9, Pages 101-118

Modern curriculum working on gathering analysis tools , to integrate in order to open up to the language systems
And available to the Semiotics possibility Multi - label study , as it benefited from the results of other sciences ,
Especially social psychology, as well as ا on lingual staff lesson , so
Lighting Multi can label the Arabs , as were interested in the election of names for religious reasons or
Social or cultural , Islam has developed recommendations for legislation in the selection patterns of
And the prohibition of some names , and other hatred , and this directive has grown to become a system
Its legitimacy and controls knowledge and taste .
The study examined the concept of science and its relationship to the main function performed by a job functions
Preliminary, and the relationship of scientific definition , as well as discuss the concept of comparative knowledge and relationship
Repertory signifier and the issue of presence and absence .
And goes into this subject in into characterization grammar , and the entry illusion in thought
Arabic grammar , and stand on the differences and the meeting between views Almnatqh and grammarians in
This topic.
This disclosure relates with a tendency Aljnosa theme to the Arab masculinity, and the treatment of names
Feminine as Douala on what to , and ended the study reveal affinities between Language Systems
And the structure of society and the class struggle , and the study of the label and social point of view .