ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 2, Issue 3

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2012, Page 9-592

The impact of strategic learning peers in the collection of fifth grade students in the preparatory material rules of the Arabic language

DR. Qusai Abdul-Abbas Hassan

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 9-38

The impact of strategic learning peers in the collection of fifth grade students in the preparatory material rules of the Arabic language

DR. Qusai Abdul-Abbas Hassan
Mustansiriya University / College of Basic Education
The current research aims to know the impact of strategic learning peers in the collection of fifth-graders in the subject of literary Arabic grammar.
To achieve the goal of current research investigator status zero the following hypothesis:
There is no difference statistically significant at the level of significance (0.05) between the average collection of fifth grade students who study literary Arabic grammar using the strategy of learning peers, and the average achievement of students who are studying the same article the usual way.
Research community included all of the prep schools of Benin to the Directorate General for Education Baghdad Rusafa Third,'s (13), the researcher chose Qsidia school (junior high Qutaiba of Benin) to apply the experience. Having identified the researcher the school that will be applied when the experiment has had, whispers to her of two divisions for the fifth literature are (a, b) were selected randomly Division (a) to represent the experimental group, and Division (b) to represent the control group, the total number of students in two divisions (62) students , by (30) students in the experimental group and (32) students in the control group.
Promising researcher achievement test in the subject of the rules of the Arabic language to the fifth grade literature, in the subjects to be studied during the period of the experiment in light of the content of the book, and behavioral objectives prepared by the strategy to measure the learning peers in the collection of student research sample.
The researcher used the following statistical methods: Altaúa test, and Chi-square, and the equation Cooder 20 in analyzing the results of his research.
Have shown the search result than students of the experimental group to the students of the control group in the collection, and shows the result the following, that the strategy of learning peers in the teaching of Arabic grammar, have a positive impact in increasing the academic achievement of students at the fifth grade literature, which shows its importance in raising the scientific level.

A Comparison Study Between The Acquiring Degree of Arabic Teachers of Syntactic Concepts and The Acquiring Degree of Their Students in The Six Primary School of These Concepts.

Ph.D Assist. Ruqaya Abdul-A; ema Al-Ubeid

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 39-68

The research is best represented from the following questions:
Is the acquiring degree of male and female Arabic six primary school teachers to the syntactic concepts Educationally accepted?
Is the acquiring degree of male and female students to the syntactic concepts Educationally accepted?
Is there any relation between the degree of Arabic teachers acquisition to the syntactic concepts in the six primary school and their students in the same class to the same concepts.
To achieve the aim of the study , (196) male and female teachers have been chosen randomly represent 10% from the population and (6888) male and female students represent 5% from the population divided on the schools and Education sectors in Baghdad , those are the students that the sample teachers of the study teach them Arabic subjects.
To measure Teachers and students acquisition of the syntactic concepts the researcher has been made two achievement tests, the first is for teachers and the second is for students . The test contained (55) item measure (21) concept. The validity and the reliability of the test have been checked. The discrimination and Difficulty test items have been found.
T. test and Person correlation formula have been used by the researcher .
The Major findings of this research are;
1. The degree of Arabic teachers acquisition to the syntactic concepts lower from the level that is educationally accepted.
2.The acquisition degree of six primary school students to the syntactic concepts lower from the level that is educationally accepted .
3. There is strong relation between the degree of teachers acquisition and the degree of their students acquisition.
In the light of the above findings the researcher concludes that the lowering in the degree of Arabic teachers acquisition of the syntactic concepts of six primary school affect negatively on their students acquisition in the same class to the same concepts.
The researcher recommended to the importance of taking care from the scientific level of Arabic teachers.
In competition, the researcher suggested making a number of studies such as those that aim at knowing the degree of Arabic teachers acquisition to the syntactic concepts in the secondary school.

A Linguistic Stop in Al-Taff Battle

Lec.Ass. Neama Dahash Farhan

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 69-103

The language of Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) manifest the society in which it was said. It included the cultural heritage shortened by Imam Al-Hussein's mind, including those good societies and movement that happened throughout ages and places. This language represent a loud cry against injustice, and a prediction to what the society is going to be. The society was heated in which people and similar in terms of type and being, but, different in terms of principles, ideology, ethics, objectives and goals.
The study concludes that what distinguishes the speech of Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) was clarity of expressions, to open the minds of the receiver and listing to his words. Those who were guided, and those who were misled. Because the language of society is the closer to one's heart and mind, Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) did not practiced his jurisdiction. He was addressing the modern democratic societies. Undoubtedly, the idea of dominion across modern cultures in the form and doctrinal. That is what is known as Soft Domination in modern linguistics. It is the approach with Mayer's theory the Issue and Rhetoric's. Mayer managed to depend on the cognitive points in analyzing the context of two principles: the dialectic – the model and counter model, as a means of affirming the value, as a means of plea since he is a model to be followed by peoples and groups or ideas and doctrines. Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) used analice as a dialectic method.
If we mediate the political aspect in the speeches of Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) in total, we do not find war as a target, but meeting and association is the target, and defend religion and its legality not a call for war and inflaming it, it is a reformation of the social structure. The ideological struggle between the creator of text and the recipient of social theatre the struggle formed the essence of the issue. Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) is a whole nation even though he was one person. He spoke in the plural pronoun "we" of all the reformers using speech art as a means of media.

the didactic of teaching drama in developing the listening abilities for fifth

DR. Samaa T . dateel

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 105-146

The aimed at knowing the didactic of teaching drama in developing the listening abilities for fifth. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, the researcher formulated the following zero hypothesis.
There are no statistically significant differences at the level of 0.05 in average of listening abilities in of the individuals according to teaching drama, and the scores in developing the listening skills according to the methods followed. The researcher has pointed the day schools in Baghdad for the academic year. He determined the required procedures to be taken. The sample consisted of 63 pupils distributed in two sections as 31 pupils for each section. The first section represented the control group while the other represented the experimental group. The experimental design was verified by determining many factors.
The researcher adopted the requirements of the study of the 7 themes and tests and skills of the book of Reading Arabic.
The researcher prepared a test made up of 25items the multiple choice type. He used the suitable statistical means to conclude the research like t-test for two independent samples for the equality and to find the difference amongst the two experimental and control group and chi-square. In the light of the result which has been arrived to the researcher concluded the following:
1. The [possibility of applying the didactic of drama in all the stages without need for building new application samples.
2. The possibility of raising the educational for the development of linguistic skills, cursing for it has become indispensible issue for the development in all the pedagogical evils.
In the light of this the researcher poses a number of recommendations related to the findings of the study:
1. Depending on the didactic in teaching drama as an effective method in developing the listening skills.
2. Making use of it in supporting the teaching process and backing the pedagogical process with the up-to-date curricula to the pupils.
In completion to this study, the researcher suggested:
1. Re-experimenting didactic of drama in the development of listening skills for various stages.
2. Re-experimenting didactic of drama in the development of listening skills for various skills (writing reading).

Insurgency In the alienation of the poet Blend Haidari

Dr. Qais Sabeeh Alatwani

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 147-176

the isolation of the natures of the human
self, especially self-poet and artist, and this isolation is
relatively scalable for growth and inflation in conditions that pose a restriction on the freedom of the artist, and a barrier to starting thinking, and creativity, such as those that dived in which the poet Blend Haidari. But his failure in this and that, from the realm of life, betrayed him to the emotional alienation, political, and spatial, to the (spiritual alienation), which reflected the alienation compound, and then up to the rebellion in all types of alienation.
In order to Aathol alienation to hell for the intolerable, it is on the poet to overcome, or mitigate its effects in the very least, through the curriculum redemptive is the joint responses is to return to childhood, and the restoration of the past, and building cities, papillary, and in other formats despising immorality and displacement as Blend the poet al-Haidari. and so entered the field of the poet to look at the phenomenon of insurgency in Aghtrabh, and this research was divided three sections: Section I is entitled (the concept of rebellion and alienation) .. I have found the need for highly of the extensive on the subject and not to make preparation for it will not be sufficient to establish perspective enriches the research and achieve the end of it, so dealt with given the linguistic and semantic of the concept of rebellion and alienation with reference to its early beginnings to poets old, in order to provide an overview of this concept in the visions of poetry at the hands of the modern school of poetry and modern monetary. The second section has developed a title (the insurgency in spiritual exile) for Tmizbeh this type of alienation is reflected in the composite poems.
Including the incarnation and death and the idea of human believer.

Lady Rasad and Her Role in the Political Life of the Fatimid State

dr.wesan S. Mohamad

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 177-210

In the history of Islamic Egypt, feminine characters shined who had an obvious impact despite that some of them did not sit at the State's throne and did not assume an official leadership, thus one of them was chosen whose name was Rasad the mother of the caliph Al-Mustansir Billah to be studied within our research entitled (Lady Rasad and Her Role in the Political Life of the Fatimid State). The research was divided into three sections. In the first section, we studied her life and position in the Fatimid court. The second section came to highlight her internal policy. While the third section addressed her external policy.
Finally, the research demonstrated the woman's intervention at this age in many events for she participated in the incidences of the age of the caliph Al-Mustansir Billah virtually and was considered responsible of the occurrence of those tumults since she judged by her emotion rather than her mind and her bias to a certain league rather than the other

Construction of an achienement test accordinfg to rach model 1st intermedial class biology subject

dr.yassen H. Ayal

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 211-256

the study intended constuct an achievement test in the subject of biology for is intermediate students according to rach model .to achieve this aim the researcher ,relaying on (abdullah,2004),constructed a test the items of which measure the first three levels of bloom taxonomy in the cognitive domain.the test consisted of 40 items which was esposed ,along with the test instructions and booklet , to ajury of experts to check the test face validity . the test then was conducted to a rondom sample of 100 male and female students to check the clarity of test items ,instructions ,and answering required time. This pilot adminstration nevealed that all test items and instructions are clear and the time needed for responding to test items was 35 minuets
to analyse the test items statistically,the nesearcher canducted the test on a sample of 200 male and female studentswho were chooses randanly . the test item then were scored by giving (1)to the correct response and (0)to the wrong one.
The test item were analyzed statistically according to rach model by basic content analysis using social sciences(spss).using varimax method of kaiser,one meaningful factor was elicited for each of the fine tests.
The items( )of the general factor was found to be above(0.30)in all items . then, rach model for item analysis was adopted according to( )theory . after test analysis and test items grading , the test in its final from consisted of 34 items.

Astudy of the Constraints of the History of the Modern European Art from the perspective of Students at the college of Basic Education –University of Diyala

Emad khader Abass

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 257-294

For history material an important position in all learning levels , because it contributes in building person's personality to be armed with culture and science , through taking advantage of from events ,lesson and all historical experiments .
Thus , social material is considered one of these curriculum which aim to prepare man such preparing to contain both educational & scientific sides to be able to convey the scientific material to the receiver '' the student'' .
So social material methodology has an important value taken from the position of these sciences as a living material connected with the learner's history , home and their growth .
According to what we have mentioned , both the researchers wanted to make their study '' The Obstructions Which Face Teaching the Modern European Material at History Department , College of Education , Kerbala University ''
To know these obstructions and try to remove or lessen them as much as possible to continue the wheel of scientific progress and knowledge for our dear students .
The researchers acquainted with some previous studies which are related to their topic such as Al-Hassan study in 1987 and '' Tribulation Study '' and other studies .
The researchers conclude through their research which started on Saturday 20/2/2010 to many obstructions which are related to the research .
According to these results both the researchers recommend some recommendations such as :
1. Adding the exciting element which is absent in some occasions from the lecture to help the students to engage their minds to the material & endear it to them .
2.Seriously , pay attention to establish a modern scientific library in another place rather than the present one , has a bigger area to give the people who are in charge a chance to bring resources connect between the old & the modern to the students to know them .

Logical Lights on the Method Geographical Research AnDeductive Study of the Academic Theses

Hussien Ali A. AL-Hussien

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 295-317

The study sheads the light on the importance of logic indirecting the geographical scientifit approach in achieving the most accurate results in finding the unknown variables .The study also discusses the analysis of the mistakes which are causes by the ignorance of the researcher of the approach followed in the study included in university thesis that might lead to uncertain results ,thus,the achieviting requirements of the logical thinking of the researcher is considered very important in finding the unknown variables according of the main approaches in searching (Deduction) (Indection) and the seconding approaches which are used within each branch of geography. A question is used in collecting the data of the study to (166) thesis which are considered as a sample to the study according to a degree of confidence ( 95% ) .
The question air is diding in variable percentages to the different branches of geography according to avaiblity of the studing in these branches which includes a number of Iraq university thesis (Master and Ph.D) in dependents of geography ,the colleges of arts in the period from (2002 to 2009),(35.5%) of these studies is related to natural geography which humanistic geography received(59%) of the study and finally(5.5%) is related to catography.
The researcher has arrived at the following conclusions in the study :
1- Researchers has mis conception indisting uishing between the concept of the structure of the study and the approach of the study which arrives at a percentage of (54.2%).
2- The study imporves that researchers do not realize the importance of the scientific hypothesis since (21%) of the studies included in the sampls of the study did include the hypothesis . 3- The hiqh percentage of the studies which use the Deduction approach in which statistics is used which reached(56%) of the studies is considered as a good marker to following the quantity stracture in which the most accurate resulte are achieved

Optimism & Pessimism And Their Relation With Preparatory School Students

Dr. Ali A. Al-Khareem; Dr. Adnan M. Jabr

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 318-375

Anyone who chooses psychology as his specialty and who faithfully wishes to have his/her contribution in this field has to know the effect of anticipation related to optimism and pessimism which have their impression on the youth in their early years especially during the preparatory school period, besides, it is necessary to be aware of the presence of such characteristics and also their range in such groups of students, through means which have no impact on drawing their attention, especially that students of such an age are considered more sensitive and consequently force us to treat them with care; therefore , for them, questionnaire and questions will be embarrassing and the best alternative for them will be the projective drawings which can be obtained by cooperation with teachers of fine arts, But, we should first know the characteristics that appear in the drawings of these optimists and pessimists in isolation. As a result, a need for two(types of) instruments arose:
First: an instrument (tool)detecting { optimism, pessimism}
Second: an instrument by which the students drawings at preparatory schools are analyzed according to the two characteristics { optimism, pessimism}.

The researchers have built an instrument (tool) to measure the { optimism – pessimism} characteristics for their research as they found it some thing inevitable due to the fact the number of the participants of the sample for the measuring instrument was (390) student of the fifth preparatory stage. The psychometric characteristics were confirmed by using T- test and internal equivalence/factor coefficient by using Pearson's correlation coefficient.
The psychometric characteristics of the measuring instrument as a whole (validity & reliability) were also confirmed ,together with finding.
The researchers have used a drawing analysis instrument Al-Bayati , 2004 built as it conforms to the content analysis method needed to carry out this research wherein. The instrument has consisted of three fields containing (16) subfields branched out into (60) categories which , in term ,contained (141) drawing characteristics, The researchers, then, proved the validity and reliability of them by handing them in to five experts in the field of psychology and fine arts – and with the help of some exterior analysts , a sample of drawings , the validity coefficients of which romped (0,786- 0,842) was analyzed and all the coefficients were of a statistical value (indication) of (0,05) range.
The two instruments (tools) were applied on the main principal sample of the research which consisted of (120) students – as the two measuring instruments were applied on the students, answers to the question raised and their drawings were measured as to the drawing analysis instrument. The following results were obtained:
a. ( 29 ) characteristics of the characteristics of the drawing analysis instrument obtained (50%) and more.
b. The drawing of those optimists showed that there were (26 ) dominant characteristics which obtained (50%) and more.
c. The drawing of those pessimists showed that there were (27) dominant characteristics which obtained (50%) and more.
d. The research showed that there were differences in characteristics between the drawing of those pessimists, and the differences in percentages were of statistical value of (0.05) level.
e. Four prominent in the drawings of those preparatory school optimists were noticed.
f. Two prominent characteristics in the drawings of the preparatory school pessimists were also noticed.
In the view of the above results and conclusions the researchers put forth their recommendations and suggestions.

The Effectiveness Of Useing time maps For Acheivement in the history Retention the second year intermediate Stag- in of Researche methods for teaching

Sarmed asad kahn AL- Daamey; proof .Aziz K .Naief

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 377-404

Devise a history of its importance as a social historians look. Hoveman and educators to understand the present and planning for the future should be identified on the roots strike in the past in order to draow lessons from it that the trend currently prevailing in the methods of teaching history tends to indoctrination and simulation.
The positive role pf the teacher in terme of explanation and illustration and the transfer of ideas either negative student its role exemplified baltgay then just remember all what has saved in the exam and this is contrary to the demands made of modern education, which provides for activating the role of the learner in educational process and methods and strategies for teaching speech is that the traditional and the modern strategy time maps, where time maps help students overcome the many difficulties during the teaching of history of them, represented by this difficulties to acquire historical time concepts understanding of historical events and their interpretation and comparison among and within this
Frame work, the learner is unique and effective role in the analysis acquisition and understanding of historical events.
This is consistent with what modern education calls for him to activate the role of the teacher and learner and better use of teaching aids to learning, her play an active role time maps to ensure they provide an element of excitement and suspense and motivation to learn biceps time zone used typs of charts and forms and colors.
There for, current research aims to identify (after mapping by time of collection of students of the second row in the middle of history) and to verify this objective researcher formulated hypo theses :
Frdita Search: :
There is no difference statistically significant at the level (0,05) between the average score for the experimental group students who have studied by use the time maps and the control group students who have studied average score the in the usual manner traditional in history.
To be sure of that the researcher chose an experimental design which has a partial control, and the researcher had limited on purpose AL – Dhura for the distinctive in Karbala to be a sample of search, where the number of members (52) students, and by (26) students in both experimental and control groups.
The researcher evenly between the two groups of students research a number of variables
The researcher prepared achievement test to measure the level of student achievement after the completion of the experiment, will be the test of (60), paragraph a test of the type of multiple choice,
The researcher found the following results:
In light of this result came out the researcher's conclusions and the recommendations of several, including the adoption of strategic time maps in the teaching of history.
As a complement to the current search researcher suggested further studies similar to the current students and the stages of other subjects.
There is a difference statistically significant at the level of significance (0,05) for the experimental group which studied the use of time maps and control group, who studied in the traditional manner in the collection 0

Hallmarks of Scienntists in the history of karbala (( from The Third to the tenth of migration ))

Angham A. Jyad; Dr.zaman A. Wenas

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 405-425

Had the scienitists karbala effect is clear pages of history they have the leading role in the spread of many sciences across the country were their hallmarks contribution in history led to boom in the city of karbala bhola scientists and indication of the large number of setted of scientists and in tellecuals ,and many what antgon in various fielde of science despite what the city suffered from the umayya caliphs ,but it was able to play belamauhu which prompted me waller choos this research two things ,first ;to emphasiz the continuation of the status of karbala ,scientific and second,that the city of karbala have been less studied akadimek good , althout afew sources about it unless lam abl to juggle between the folds of book for this serch but for this research on the three section First ; turning faithful to the beginning of the renaissance property in karbala and the role of scientists in spreading the message of science cutside the city and the seconde part ;the fingerprints of karbala scientists in the dissemination of science to china and the levants and the third topic the type of science that the scientists creted the karbala and the pace of science and all over the world has perfected the science but I said two or three worlds each flag.

The Poem of pre-islamic from orally to writing

khameis A Hammadi; Assist Prof Dr

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 427-463

The transition of the pre -Islamic poem from its oral form into
Its written form, was accompany by number of change
Concerning the poetic context itself or concerning how the
Receiver would deal with the context.
This transition had negative effect on the text itself because
After this transition, the context lost its relation with audience
(the readers) in direct way, in addition to the poet himself who
Lost his fame because the audience became able to read and
Understand the context (the poem) without the presence of
the Poet.
This research would deal with the oral and written forms of the
(pre –Islamic) poem and it would be into two sections.
The first section would deal with the transition of the pre-
Islamic poem from its oral form into its written form and the
Changes accompany this transition.
The second section would deal with the positive and negative
Effect of this transition on the poetic context.
The researcher depended on old and modern references and
Also a number of thesis from different Arabic and Iraqi
I wish that I covered this subject in careful way, in spite of my
Knowledge of the fact that, this subject needed more and more
To be covered completely.

Bases and procedures of lnterpretive Rules. Astudy in the Chepter of the Straightforwardness and lmpossibility in Sibawayh BC.180

Lec.Maytham H. Rasheed

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 465-482

This paper is attempted to read the traditional Arabic syntax. According to, the modern Syntax theories. Title of research (the interpretational rules, in his principles and his approached , study in (bab Al isteqama wal ihala mina al kalaam) upon Seabawayh). This paper is research in the representation matter, and his trace, in syntax rules, deep structure, and surface structure (phonetic form).
The Arabic syntactic had shrewd to the syntax representational rules. Or, knowledge of I-language. And they decided that the representation is determinant, during the cognition of the representational to objects in syntaxes rules , upon they his study to the Arabic language.
The results of research is appeared, that the Arabic syntax, don't take the derivation principle, as foundation in the sentence structure. They saw to the sentence structure, from the embranchment case in sentence. In the end, this paper concluded that this case is Arabic characteristic. They find it in the Arabic syntax.

for Ibn Khurdathba ( D 300 a.h. / 912 A.C )and scientific position historical conograph

Mohammed Abed Al-Sharify; Baidaa; Dr. Ali Kasar Ghadeer

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 483-501

Neither ancient nor modern resources specified an accurate history regarding the birth or death dates of Ibn Khurdathba .
2 –Ibn Khurdathba has descended from Persian family lately entered into islam .
3 – The growth of Ibn Khurdathba in a family worked in the military field , close to the royal court has helped him to start his practical life early and allowed him also to contact with caliphs , ministers and writers in addition to occupying of the significant positions in the state , making it easier to get information from their original resources .
4 - Ibn Khurdathba was a man with variable culture , he had an important role in the science of geography especialy ( knowing of the roads , locations of the cities , weather in addition to the news of general history and some arts like ( music and singing ) .

the patterns and ltabits that Expose Kerbala citizens to the News of Kerbala Broadcasting station,,

Haider shalal mitib; Amer Sabbar ali

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 503-519

This study is about( the modes and types which the audience in the holy province of Kerbala is interested in while listening to the news bulletin of Kerbala Broadcasting Station). The researcher has adopted the descriptive analysis as it is the most efficient approach in addressing the methodology of this study.
The main aims of this study are to: find out where the audience listens to the Broadcasting Station;
• know how long they listen to the news;
• investigate where the public follows the news;
• know the topics the public prefers or is interested in; and finally
• identify the sex of the successful broadcaster the public prefers.
The main results of this study are: the highest number of listeners to the station are of ages 55-66 at 28%;
• the highest number of listeners to the bulletin news are households with primary school education at 32%;
• the best time of listening to the news bulletin of Kerbala Broadcasting Station is in the morning; and finally
• the participants have agreed at 100% in this study that each news bulletin should be preceded by a summary in order to be able to revise the news.

"Tala’a Bin Razeek" (died 556 AH) and the minister and poet

Noaman J. Ali; Ali Habeb; Assistant Lecturer. Salwa Hassan edaan

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 521-556

This research illuminates many aspects of the personality of a Fatimi minister who was famous for his political wisdom and poetric eloquence. He was one of the few examples who was in such country during his time. He was the Fatimi state minster "Tala’a Bin Razeek".
The research was divided into three parts (topics) according to the nature of the study. The first topic deals with the turning points of the life of this personality, consisting of his name, relation, nickname, birth, raising, family, approach and murder. The resources we have are so considered and famous they mentioned his name and his father’s name, then added some nicknames like (Al- Armani, Al- Masri, the good king) the last nickname was the most famous.
Resources did not tell us minute information about his birth and raising but his nickname might refer to the place of his birth and raising. Also resources give general information about the family of Tala’a Bin Razeek and his brother Badr Bin Razeek known as the knight of the Muslims. He had one son and two daughters, the son be came a minister after him and one of the daughters married the khalifa Al- Adhid for political aims. The second daughter married his nephew Saif Al- Islam Bin Badr Bin Razeek. The minister Tala’a was one of the approach of the twelfth Imamia (Ethaasharia Immamia) and on the contrary to the approach of Fatimi Ismaaeli. He was fanatical and defended his approach by holding discussion to prove the rightness of his approach and writing a special book and then declared through his poetry that he was loyal to the prophet family "peace be upon them".
Historians differed about his murder into two sections some said that the aunt of Al- Adhid pushed someone to murder him to revenge her brother, while others said that Al- Adhid was the responsible for the murder. We believe in the first thought because Al- Adhid made Razeek a minister after his father. The death of Tala’a was on the anniversary of martyrdom of Amiril Ma’mineen Ali Bin Abi Talib "peace be upon him" the 19th of Ramadan 40 A.H. .
The second topic of the study was the political aspect of the good king personality. He played a vital role in the policy of Fatimi state since he became the ruler Qus, Aswan, Ashmonin, and Bahnasa. Then he became a minister after a good news by a servant of the holly shrine of Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib. It was an authorized ministry because of his wisdom and cleverness, he controlled the affairs of the Fatimi state specially when Al- Adhid became the Khalifa after his father Al- Faez. He was a little young and married the daughter of the good king because of the will of the king to be the khalifa in appearance and the real rular was Tala’a. The good king raised the slogan of Ethna Ashari Imami Shea’a Islam and appointed the rulers for money, that means he was selling the authority to the ruler for six months only and built a mosque in Cairo.
On the military side, he took part in defending against the crusaders and sent ships to fight Franches and got victories. His troops reached Al- Quds then he made alliance with the famous leader named Nooriddin Zenki, inspite of they believed in different approaches. This proved that he was desirous upon Islam and Islamic Countries away from denomination.
The third side was the scientific and cultural aspect. He was a talent poet and clever writer. Most of his poems were in praising Ahlul Bait "peace be upon them" and lamenting them. He had other poems in brotherhood, describing wars, love and wisdom using a simple familiar poetric language, understood by audience without being tired or thoughtful for a longtime as well as his poems had word decoration in sense and sound which reflected his ability in this field of activity.
It is noticed that the good king took care of the mental sciences like the beliefs and religious affairs and held belief discussions with other scientists and religious men of other approaches. We concluded that he was an educated man in religious sciences specially in beliefs and engaged in defending his belief then he disputed his enemies scientifically so that he wrote a book called ((the reliance in dispute with stubbornness owners)) ((Al- Etemad Fil Rad Ala Ahlul Enad).
His clubs were not with religious scientists only but they were devoted to literature where many Fatimi poets gathered to him for exchanging poetry and talks.

Problems Faced by Kerbela University Students from their Points of Views

Ali Turqi Shakar Al-Fatlawi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2012, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 557-592

Trans forming of students fro m a stage to another makes a continuous change in the student s life due to new thoughts Knowledge and experience they huge got Transforming of students to college levy is considered a great change in their life due to the effect of this stage on the personality of the students. Difficulties of such a stage are of various types such as social, economic and personal which may be related to the teacher, subject matter, or even students themselves. The existence of such difficulties motivate the researchers to conduct this study to observe these difficulties especially for the first year students.
The researcher prepare a questionnaire consists of (24) items distributed into three domains implemented on a sample of (239) students. This study reveals that students status of fear and care in dealing with others involved in the college environment due to the weakness of their preparation in the previous stages. The researchers recommend the necessity of good psychological preparation of students as well as enhancing the economical status of Iraqi families.