ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 3, Issue 6

Volume 3, Issue 6, Spring 2013, Page 7-330

The locality division To The centers post In Baghdad city

Prof . D . Bashir . I . z; Samir . F. almayaliinstructor. D

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 7-23

The city from an active scope in order to active the social and economic development from the great role of it in saving the essential body for the locality development and from it the way of that development make the enffornce also in the economical vitality.
From this lines the condense come of ambience urban and continuation studies of the public service for the city because it is from the basic factor in the urban growth and its counterpart to the increase of the movement of the publication inside.
In this scope , the care of that services and put the light to it is from the responsible of the geography from study and analysis the kind of locality and enumerate the scope of the capacity of development according to the one of the geographies changing.
The try of that person in knowledge the matter with cites severing from and studies it aimed to limited the reality serves and explain it positive and integrative in order to recover this sides
From this we found that from necessary make studies the reality of the locality post in Baghdad and the way of develop it . according that it is contain the vary important service which linked with the life of citizen. Whom used this service and wish in develop it from active the speed and the scarcity in post process to the population.

Meaning the damage that leads to marital band Legal Study Compare Bacharaúa heavenly

A.. D. Makki Abdul Wahid; A.. Haidar Hussein Kadhim

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 25-51

There is no doubt that the marriage contract is one of the most sublime and holiest contracts for the promise of building lofty for that family is the nucleus of society. As this decade tag eternal, but this does not mean stay or immortality permanent or eternal until the death of one spouse, so that the contract has been marred things Alaladh limits of survival, whether divorce is the husband, or dislocated agreed both spouses, or team signed by the judge at the request of one of the spouses.
What matters is the band marital signed by the judge, Its causes are many, but the most important of these, but causes what is known as the harm to one spouse by the other, so that the damage while remaining unable to continue married life but is a glass at the heart of this relationship merges feelings of hatred towards the other particularly affected by it.
As the differentiation of the damage is in dispute between the Muslim jurists regarding passport differentiate because of whether or not among those authorizing and prevent, the attitude legislation situation, especially Arab, which went to the passport seekers him that differed in a statement the party that grants the right to ask for a separation between those who give husband and wife together and between of Ikzaretha wife only on the grounds that the husband his infallibility and thus divorce.
There is no doubt that the statement meaning harm, whether physical or moral, which gives the right to request the team either the husband or wife of importance requires search for him, so that the damage is a matter of relative varies between people and times and even between nations.
The research in this topic raises several questions, including what the concept of the damage? What is? What is the distinction between differentiation of the damage and differentiation of contention? What are the conditions to differentiate the damage?
And we will try to answer in this search for these questions comparative manner between the divine laws of the face, and between Iraqi law, Egyptian and Jordanian other hand with a position statement Western legislation as much as possible.
Therefore, we will divide these two principal study in two sections: the first dealing in which the concept of damage that leads to marital band, and the second touching to the terms of the damage that leads to marital band. And we will cite his ring to the most important results and proposals that could be reached.

Thinking styles common for the distinguished pupils and their ordinary peers of the intermediate stage Comparative singular) )

Dr. Abd Al Sattar Hammoud Addai; Noor Maki Hameed

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 53-103

The ways of thinking are the preferred methods of individuals acquiring knowledge and organize ideas and expression, a way in which individuals face the problems they face and try to find solutions in the best way, and ways of thinking have been identified in theory as a set of methods used by learner that deals with the information available to him as if to problems and situation, From that point of view the current search to detect common ways of thinking of the students returning depending on the sex variable, and identify methods of thought common to outstanding students depending on the gender variable and see statistical significant differences in ways of thinking when returning students and distinguished depending on the variable gender and type of students, To achieve these goals chosen equal sample of students returning and their peers for outstanding students of intermediate size (400) amounted to students from elite returning (200) students of achievers and (200) Students with high academic achievement. of the results of research, Occupied (totalitarian thinking) which is one of the first ways of thinking between thinking methods used that method is common for returning students and outstanding (male, female) while occupied (traditional thinking) came in last The common method for returning students (males),There is no difference with statistical significance depending on the sex variable between achievers (male, female) and returning (male, female) in ways of thinking (legislative, Executive, Estoppels, Hierarchy, Local Procedure, Traditional),The difference is statistically significant, depending on the sex variable between achievers (male, female) and returning (male, female) in ways of thinking (Outer, Totalitarian , Liberal) and for females (with portraits and Antiquities),The difference is statistically significant according to variable students (distinct , And they opposed) in ways of thinking (Legislative, Executive, Estoppels, Hierarchical, Authoritarian, Local income, Liberal, Traditional),The difference is statistically significant according to a variable of type

I'm Sicilian mainland (d. 459 AH) Linguistic world writer

A.. D. Adnan Mohammed Al Tohme

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 105-119

I'm mainland Sicilian, linguistic, writer, commentator Court Mutanabbi in Andalusia, was born in Sicily and grew up, and moved to the east, and met scientists Cairo and the Levant, and studied students Mutanabbi, and told them hair-Mutanabbi, and the dictates of language and explanations on students Andalusia arrivals Cairo, and was the most prominent son Mackie Sicilian and Ibn sector and the recent spread his explanation of the متنبي also spread his views linguistic In this research proved this explanation and this dictates enhanced sources contemporary of this world Italian Muslim with revenue texts and commentaries are irrigated from Saleh bin Rushdin and Abdul Wahab bin Nasr al-Baghdadi, The Court explained that was narrated by his student Ibn Sicilian sector

The Educational Policy In Algeria (1962-1978)

By Maha Naji Hussein; ph.D

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 121-144

The educational policy in Algeria (1962-1978) was based on developmental plans similar to the economical developmental plans. The efforts two principles to make education free and to makait in Arabic were the tow principles that governed the educational policy in Algeria from independence til now.
Algeria has achieved a satis factory and encowring results in accordance with these plans. This was evident in the rapid progress in graduating and training staff and in spreading Knowledge and culture in all the parts of Algeria.

The impact of using some Graphic organizers in acquing historical concepts ofthe first Year Intermediate School

Salah Majid Kadhim

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 145-170

The research aims to identify the current (after the use of some of the organizations planning to acquire a historical concepts among students in first grade average in the material history of ancient civilizations) In order to verify this objective researcher formulated the following hypothesis:
There is no significant statistical difference at a level (05, 0) between the average scores of the experimental group students who are considering using planning organizations and the average degree of the control group students who are studying the way the usual traditional in history to acquire a historical concepts.
To check it chose the researcher determined experimentally a control part, and select the researcher randomly Medium Renaissance Benin in the holy city of Karbala to be a sample of the research, as the number of students (60) students, and by (30) students in each of the experimental and control groups.
The researcher parity between the two sets of student research in a number of variables (chronological age calculated Baalachehr and degrees of history for the previous academic year 2010-2011, and the level of intelligence and academic achievement to parents and educational attainment for mothers).
After selecting the researcher of scientific material, of chapters the first three of the book on the history of ancient civilizations to the class first intermediate, which approved the teaching and the Iraqi Ministry of Education for the academic year 2011-2012, coined the researcher, (140) a target behavior, promising plans for teaching the two sets of search, and display models, including a group of experts and specialists in teaching methods and measurement and evaluation, psychology and history.
The researcher prepared a test of a conceptual with the extent of students to the concepts of history, as a test of (40), paragraph a test of the type of multiple choice, check out the charity after a presentation to a group of experts, arbitrators, and check its stability applied to sample prospective students from medium (Izz al-Din sound) of Benin, using the Pearson correlation coefficient value was corrected after the link equation Spearman - Brown is (0.92).
Researcher studied the two sets of research by himself in the duration of the experiment, which laste(9) weeks, and after the termination of the experiment the researcher applied the test to students of the two sets of conceptual research.
To analyze the results the researcher used the following statistical methods: (Altaúa test for two independent samples, correlation coefficient (Pearson) to calculate the stability of the test, equation (Spearman Brown), chi square, the equation of the difficulty of the paragraph, paragraph discrimination coefficient equation.
The study found the following results:
There is a difference statistically significant at the level of significance (0.05) and in favor of the experimental group which studied the use of organizations planning to control group, who studied the traditional way to acquire concepts.
In light of this result came out several research findings, including the adoption of strategic planning organizations in the teaching of history.
The researcher also recommended a number of recommendations including, the use of more than one type of organizations during the planning of teaching.
The researcher proposed a similar study of the current study dealing with organizations in the planning stages of the study materials and different.

Analogical reasoning and its relationship with Working memory in the kindergartens' children

Adnan Marid AL Magsouai; Maha Mustafa Murtadha

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 201-227

This research is targeted to identify the level of analogical reasoning with the kindergartens' children, and level of working memory in the kindergartens' children on the basis of storage capacity using visual - auditory stimuli, and to find the correlation between analogue reasoning and working memory of visual and auditory in the kindergartens' children. The researchers adopted a test to measure the analogical reasoning prepared by (Al-Saadi, 2008) and prepared a test to measure the working memory, on stratified random sample of (120) boys and girls, by using the Chi square test, one sample T-test, and Pearson correlation coefficient. The following results were founded: The kindergartens' children are characterized by the ability to analogical reasoning, the kindergartens' children have a medium level of working memory, and a direct correlation exist between the analogical reasoning and working memory in the kindergartens' children.

Abbasid caliphate and Imam Hassan Askari (peace be upon him) (256 -260 AH AH / 870 AD -874 AD)

A. D. M. Ammar Muhammad Yunus; Abeer Abdul Rasul

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 243-264

Taken of the Abbasid Caliphate hostile attitude of the people of the house (peace be upon them), imposing on the al-Askari (peace be upon him) house arrest and enter the prison several times and laid on him the eyes and spies, and finally slipped the poison into his attempt to get rid of than was enjoyed by the position of Imamate at the nation's respect, love and obedience and loyalty, and the signal phase of the seriousness of the situation and ultimately to the system of the ruling, it is according to Islamic tradition Imam atheist century and this means that the descendants of Imam atheist ten (peace be upon him) is savior Mahdi (Allah hasten his private parts), so stressed succession by imprisonment for more than once and pinch it for fear of the birth of the promised, or nail him and kill him to know him when you killed his father (peace be upon them), but failed miserably Bgepth Minor (260 e -329 e), and failed as usual Bgepth major, and failed to bury the Imam in his home when his father, Imam Hadi (AS peace) and turned their home into a center to attract and Shiites loyal to the people of Bayt (peace be upon them), and loss of succession for this part of the capital .
The Imam (peace be upon him) the role of adult and senior play its reform and guidance in directing the nation's humanity to comply with good morals, and to be moral universe, The impact of the Imam (peace be upon him) greatly influence and at the same circles of the ruling at a time that it wanted the caliphate isolating him from his followers and the nation, we find that the forward (peace be upon him) went to a circle wider to attract not only general but senior statesmen, not only the Arabs but reunited this change and reform the Turks, too, as he did not guide for Muslims, but also guidance to Christians and other people to the religion of truth and justice, was the (peace be upon him) Yes, back to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saw his senior statesmen entitlement of succession to the Imamate and leadership of the nation as a touched of ideas and theories correct and successful solutions to the realities and problems of the Islamic nation, while they did not find anything of this when the successors of the Abbasids

Thought soundwhenImamJa'far ibn Muhammad Sadiq (peace be upon him) (83 -148H)

Asst.Proo. D. HassanAbd Al-Ghanial-Asadi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 265-285

Karbala University/Faculty of Islamic Sciences
Research Summary: Thought sound when Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) (83 -148 H)
Book uniformity dictated by Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) (83 -148 H) on his favorite student Ben Omar a leading Islamic heritage sounding the Imam Sadeq scientific aspects of multiple foundations landmarks stage of scientific thinking was the voice side and one of them. This included side on three tracks: the production of sounds, and the center of the carrier, and a hearing. Like Imam (peace be upon him) a Palmes pronunciation, which represent an impact in the process to understand the mechanism of speech, and has its impact in subsequent studies. Thus Imam is the founder of this science, in light of the idea of unification; held the book for a statement manifestations.

The reality of preparing history teachers in the College of Education for Human Sciences in Karbala University Hana Khudeir AlShimmeri; Sadiq Ubeis Mankoor AlShafee

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 287-312

The study focused on the knowledge of the reality of the process of preparation of history teachers in the College of Education for the Humanities at the University of Karbala through: -
1 - Get the setup process in terms of (the concept, importance, reasons, challenges, styles and trends, practical education)
2 - to identify aspects of the preparation of history teachers in the College of Education for the Humanities at the University of Karbala.
3 - practical education in terms of (its concept, its importance, its objectives, its stages, the parties, their problems)
The study concluded a range of results, including: -
1 - subordination to accept students - teachers in the history department to certain conditions and criteria set by the college.
2 - follow the College of Education integrative system in the process of preparing the history teachers and the rest of the disciplines.
3 - imbalance between aspects of the preparation of different history teachers (Profile, professions, Specialist, cultural, technological)
4 - limiting methods of evaluating student achievement - teachers in the Department of History on achievement tests only.
5 - exposure of students - teachers to a range of problems during a period of practical education.

Levels ofpoeticrecollection Analytical studyinthepoem "Haneen"for Dr.Sheikh AhmedAlwaeli

Ph.D Assist Khudayer Abbas Darweesh

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 313-330

Dr. Sheikh Ahmed al-Waeli was a preacher and poet , but he is known a preacher rather than a poet. Sheikh Al- Waeli wrote beautiful poetry in all its different objectives; he wrote religious , social , political , brotherly and lamentation poetry . He wrote two small books of poetry which were printed under the title of the First Diwan and the Second Diwan. Some of his poems were collected and printed under the title of " Diwan Ahmed Al-Waeli ".
The poem which is the subject of our study is " Haneen, ( Nostalgia) " which is classified under the brotherly poetry , is associated with recollection and this made the poet make recollection the base on which he built his poem . Our study to this poem is an analytic study . We showed in its beginning the connection between nostalgia and recollection. Then we showed the levels of the poetical recollection . We found that these levels are of three types :
Time recollection which took different kinds . Social recollection which is the same as the former and the recollection of place which has been in all its details the conclusion which we consider is worthy of this study which was the purpose behind our choice for this poem .
We presented the most important results we have got in the conclusion of this study .