ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 3, Issue 7

Volume 3, Issue 7, Spring 2013, Page 351-0

Ikdame city , establish hmenl and cblectonic .

Selma Abdulrazzaq

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 7-30

The study emphasize in its Motives on the study or an important cityfrom alibyian cities which lies in the southern west of libyian . I kdams which has good develop pment and civilization in addition toits participating in the Libyian economic because it represent one themain gates to the big desert . It is a important way to the tradirgGaravans across the western and meditory It fria .This research summaries the Civilization grow and the architection expand to Ikdam city the study also emphazies on the distribution the usuage of city civil Land , and know Its suitable to the usuage of the peoples aim and their needs In order to make an architectonic rules to the city to make if suitable to progress and able to meet the needs of people to the following gears

Research Summary: hours ofthedayandnightin the Koran-readin the style ofdiscourse-

D. Nuri al-Kazem al-Saadi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 39-64

Wants to lookingat theconsistency ofthose hourswithsystemMiracleschartof the Holy Quran. And mode of expressionout,whichbecomesthe textuniquefromothertexts, andsearch for thatexclusivity, and stand at thelinguistic featuresthat characterizethe textof theother, andmonitoringcomponentsaesthetic, employing approachanalyticalQuranictext, whichdiffersfromthetextof the human, as asacredtext.
For this to takethe studyof researchin the style ofthe speechpathin a statementties betweennightand dayin the Koran,and implications-asverballyof time- depending on theconstantsof this relationshipin thelanguage, and the quest forAcetknahcontents,according tocurriculumtakesstructureof language, formedincludingtext, anditsrelationshipwithotherKoranictexts, and stand at thefixedsigns, Mtgerhainverses,andpeerintothemindappropriatein the context ofsystemsinduringrecruitmentpronunciation.

(( Geographical Analysis for The Location of Meteorological station in Iraq ))

Ass.Prof.Dr. Hussien Fadhil Abd

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 109-121

Search deals with distribution of meteorological station in Iraq in terms of geographical site ,location and graticule position and how its agree or disagree with scientific uniform distribution that meeting (WMO) standard measurement and explain its quality climatological data ,information, general covered area and detailed for each station ,then make comparison between actual distribution and global standard theoretical and practical one that focus on meridians and parallels intersection points by (0.5 X 0.5),(1 X 1) method .
The search concluded that there are wide variation between past tow distributions (actual and theoretical) which covered area decreased and distribution in three regional study area was limited and random in the first one while the second contain (specially at 0.5X 0.5 method) systematically all study area regions with little difference of station covered area depended on method considered. Other search conclusions refereed that the last distribution is the best and more contented with support of uniform redistribution ability for actual station specially at (alluvial plain and western pleatue) while more detailed one (0.2 X 0.2) can be optimum theoretically but difficult in practical processing in terms of ( cost ,time and work) if not be impossible .

Classroom Management as a Teaching Strategy

Asst. Lect. Hayder Kadhim Al-Bermani; M.A; Asst. Prof. Shaimaa Abdul-Baqi AL-Bakri; Ph.D

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 133-158

Classroom Management can be defined as actions taken by the teacher to establish order, engage students, or get their cooperation. Teachers who have problems with behaviour management and classroom discipline are frequently ineffective in the classroom, and they often report high level of stress and symptoms of burnout. For many educators, CM evokes several terms such as '' order'', '' discipline'', '' cooperation'', and '' misbehaviour''. Doyle (1986: 395) sheds light on these terms. According to Doyle, order prompts engagement whereas a teacher uses discipline to prevent misbehaviour. The result is cooperation. Doyle defines misbehavior as '' any action by one or more students that threatens to disrupt the activity flow or pull the class toward a program m of action that threatens the safety of the group or violates norm of appropriate classroom behaviour held by the teacher, the students, or the school's staff''.

The fake stories about prophet and singing situations in the six AL sahah

Suhad Mohammed Baqer Jawad; PhD. Asst. Dr. Ayad Abdulhussein Saihood Al-Khafaji

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 159-182

To know the Prophet Muhammad to create great recipes benign, and talk of noble morals like trying to describe the sun forenoon, but it is unfortunate that we find in the books of Muslim novels impair the person holy, Sometimes shown by the appearance of loving for fun and fun, and the other urges to hear the singing and ordered by, as the spread such news among books of Muslims was the duty of researchers and specialists in Islamic history re-look at all that without the Biography of the Prophet, especially after that crept hands of the Umayyad to the date of the Prophet to put it as many accounts of promotional for their views of intellectual, political, and research that we are dealing with highlights the novels set annexed by the six books of Saheeh, which is for the position of Alrcolmn singing.
The basis of our criticism of these novels based on the study of the bond and the Metn, We have paid the bond more attention, the fact that employers Asahah six modernizers and the basis for the health of the novel or not they have is a bond; In addition to our critique of the support, we decided to compare accounts of singing such as Adadha of accounts authorized prohibiting singing and Warning Apostle of it, as well as the views of scholars on the prohibition of singing.

'' The Common Spelling Mistakes of the Students of Department of Arabic Language at College of Education , University of Karbala .

By Auday Al-Jarah

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 0-0

The spelling mistakes become a phenomenon deserves to stop at it and look at its range, to diagnose its causes and reach to the successful solutions for it . Especially this phenomenon become bigger and bigger and extend its scope to jump to the university students . So that it is necessary to identify the range of this phenomenon .Thus the department of Arabic language was chosen because it is the department which is specialist in the different arts of Arabic language .
Especially the art of drawing the letters and words in the correct and the best way .
Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran and this language was distinguished by Allah to the other languages to carry His Heavenly Messages and keep it from falsification and fade . In the Holy Quran Allah says '' Surely we have revealed the reminder and we will most surely be its guardian ''*
So this adds to the Arabic more strength , steady and immortality when He sent his Book in this language .
The researcher seeks help of some previous studies which are related directly and indirectly to his topic such as '' Al-Atiya 1999 '' , '' Al-Tikriti study 2002 ''and '' Thomas study 1961'' .
The community of the research is consist of the students of the Arabic language from both the morning and the evening classes of 524 students .The sample of the research is reached to 150 students and it formed % 28.63 from the total research community .
The researcher depends on the research tool which was used by Segaab in 2002 as a tool to his research .
The researcher explained the results according to the goal of the research which is the answer of the following question '' What are the spelling mistakes which the students of the Arabic language department , college of education , university of Karbala fall in them ? ''
According to the results the researcher recommends the following instructions :
1. College instructors should notice what their students write and warn them of the spelling mistakes which they commit wherever they appear and chase those mistakes and correct them and so on .
2. Punish the students for their spelling mistakes which they commit especially in the terms exams by discounting some scores and rewarding the students who write writings without spelling mistakes by adding some marks . So this will build a kind of competition among the students .
* Surah The Rock '' Al hajr '' Line 9 .

. Effect of kwl strategy in the collection of the second middle grade students in the subject of Arab-Islamic history *

Yahya Obaid Rdam; A. Aziz Kadhim Naif

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 209-242

The research aims to identify the current (after the use of strategy k. W. L in the collection of the second middle-grade students in the subject of Arab-Islamic history), and to verify this objective the researchers formulated the hypothesis is the following :
- There is no difference statistically significant at the level of (0.05) between the average achievement scores of experimental group students who are studying the use of history strategy k. w. l and the average score for the collection of the control group students who are studying the same article in the traditional way .
To check it chose the researchers determined experimentally a control part, and chose the researchers randomly medium (Renaissance Npn) in the holy city of Karbala / hand Husseiniya to be a sample of the research, as the number of students (66 students, and by (33 students in each of the experimental and control groups
The researchers conducted two sets of parity between the students of several variables in the research, namely, degrees of history for the previous academic year 2011-2012, and chronological age measured in months, and the level of intelligence, academic achievement to parents, and educational attainment for mothers
After selecting the scientific material, of the first quarter and the second page of history the Arab-Islamic for Grade average of the approved teaching and Iraqi Ministry of Education for the academic year 2010 - 2011, coined the researchers, targets behavior of the three chapters numbered 143 target, promising plans for teaching the two sets of research, and offer models, including a group of experts and specialists in teaching methods and measurement and evaluation, and educational psychology and Islamic history .
Prepared researchers achievement test to measure the level of student achievement after the completion of the experiment, as a test of 40, paragraph a test of the type of multiple choice, and verification of the truthfulness after the presentation to a group of experts, arbitrators, and verification of stability applied to sample prospective students (secondary Warka of Benin), has the value of the reliability coefficient 0.73 ).
And continued the experiment 9 weeks after the termination of the experiment the researchers applied the achievement test to students dimensional sets of research. To analyze the results the researchers used the following statistical methods: (Altaúa test for two independent samples, correlation coefficient (Pearson) to calculate the stability of the test, equation (Spearman Brown), chi square, the equation of the difficulty of the paragraph, paragraph discrimination coefficient equation .
The study found the following results :
There is a difference statistically significant at the level of significance 0.05 and freedom tray 64 and in favor of the experimental group which studied the use of strategy k. w. l to the control group, who studied in the traditional way of collection
In light of this result came out the conclusions of several researchers, including the adoption of a strategy k. w. l in the teaching of history, and made several recommendations, and suggested that future researchers conduct studies similar to the current study

The emotional intelligence and its relationship Between the mental health of the student Of Kerbela university . Research submitted

Aliaa Naceer Ubias; Dr. Abd Al Sattar Hammoud Addai

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 243-274

The present study aims identify the level of emotional intelligence among the students of the university of Kerbela and identify the level of mental health among the students of the university of Kerbela and identify the identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and mental health university student in Kerbela .
The research is restricted to a sample of student (424) student for the academic year(2009-2010) in order to achieve objectives of the research the research building measure emotional intelligence based on the theory of Daniel Golman 1995 and competent that are identified such as : self- aware ness ,managing emotions, motivation, empathy social skills, has achieved are searcher form the psychometric properties of the scale as it was to extract the truth in two ways namely : face validity and certified construction . were also unearthed in stability in the following ways : re-test reliability coefficient reached (0.76) bringing the retail mid-term reliability coefficient (0.78) and corrected spearman Brown formula was (0.87).
And the final form of the scale (86) items are valid for measuring emotional intelligence . the researcher were adopt a measure of mental health of the tiger (2009) and extracted validity and reliability and discrimination for him . researcher applied scales on a sample basic research.
And after analyzing the data statistically treated using statistical means the following : test educational administration for one sample , the test educational administration for two samples of independent , correlation coefficient Pearson chi square, Spearman Brown .
The researcher found the following results:-
Personnel of the research sample high emotional intelligence.
And there is a correlation ''direct correlation'' between emotional intelligence and mental health.


Saad Jwaed Kadom

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 275-326

The staff member is one of the important educational and scientific constituents in university and one of the main pillars that iden tify the degree of learning proiciency,level and efficiency .he has important roles in achieving and developing learning.
The study aims at evaluating the performance of the history teacher,in university of karbala,from the students point of view in the light of effective teaching.the society of the study is the students in the department of history for morning studyes in the academic year 2008-2009,their number is(355)student .the researcher picked a deliberate sample of(91)student from the fourth classes rating(%25.63)of the study society.
To carry out evaluation ,the researcher surveyed he litevafure and scientific sufficiency necessary for the staff member.accordingly,a norm composed of seven fields is organized .the is fields are educotional and behovioural goals for the lecture,planning and excuting the lecture,human relatoins,managing the learning environment and its learnning techningues,ability to run and the class,personal fea tares and finally evaluation. .
After analysing the samples final responses measured by the norm set and by using staistical means such as arithmetic means,alfa korenbach equation,the standard deviation,variation and percentahe,the stady reacle at the result the eva luation of the performance of the history teacher in the light of effectes teaihing has been medium in performance according to the sample responles.Moreover ,there are no statistical differences in evaluating the per formance of the history teacher with respect to students sex.
The Reseacher Recommends That It Is Nnecessary to care about the curriculums of me the do logy sessios,and these sessios should not only be Routinic ones,hoiving no effect on the process of university teaching .Moreover ,it is Necessary take care about effective teaching that affects the learners personality and ,hence ,bring about the desired change in the learners behaviour, not only instructing him with in formation and is allso necessary to follow this process of evaluation yearly with respect to students points of view,and depend on it a tool of identifying phases of strength and weakness for teachers in general.
The Researcher Suggests That a Similar Study Be Carried Out To Evaluat the performance of Staff Members in the light of Effive Teaching according to other variables such as teacher sex,Experience,speciazation and Title .staff members of other departments in the college of Education,University of karbala can also be included in similar studies

Dust storms in Karbala governorate (Causes, effects and concepts of Facing Methods)

Al-Bahith Journal, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 327-351

Recent years have seen a steady increase of the phenomenon of dust storms in Iraq generally and especially Karbala governorate, Shows through climate data for station Karbala for thirty years (1981-2010) , Serious increase in its frequencies to reach during the last for ten years to (147) dust storm , It was caused by natural elements and other human, calling for attention to the study of this phenomenon, And show the reasons of the increase and the factors that have helped on it. And then show the phenomena and effects of this phenomenon. And addressing the mechanisms encounter storms and reduction plans for short-, medium-and long-term .