ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 5, Issue 15

Volume 5, Issue 15, Summer 2015, Page 6-360

The Range of The Quality of Professional Development of The Teachers of History in The Governorate of Karbala

Hana Khudeir Al- Shimmeri; Saad Jwaed Kdhzam

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 164-182

The Profession of Teaching
Must Get the Greatest
Proportion of Human
Development Process
Because The Latter
Revolves Around Preparing
The Individual, Training Him
and Improving His Skills,
Experiences and
Knowledge So That This
Individual Can Work With
High Accuracy ,Creativity
and Privacy ,and This is The
Very Purpose of Education
Quality Process on The Part
of The Teacher .Therefore
,International Voices Have
Stressed The Necessity of
Preparing Teachers To
Make Them Cope With
Requirement of High Quality
.Consequently ,Many
Concerts and Forums Have
Been Made To Assert The
Significance of This Issue.
The Two Researches See
That The Look of
Cooperation and
Exchanging Experiences
Between Institutions of
Teacher and Between
Division of Preparing and
Training in The Ministry of
Education is Attributed To
The Competitive Nature of
The Relationship Between
These Sides of The Whole
Equation ,Here, The Two
Researcher Pose Some
Questions :
What is The Concept of
Professional Development ?
What are The Justifications
of Such Process ?
What is The Condition of
This Process as Far as
Teachers of History are
Concerned ?
How The Standards of High
Quality are Applied To
Teachers of History in Holy
Karbala ?
These Inquiries Will Be
Answered Th

A Study of the Syntactic Functions of Participle Clauses in Native and Non-Native Writings

Azhar Hassan Salumee

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 213-227

This paper investigates
the syntactic functions of
participle clauses in native and
non-native writings . The data
chosen for this study is four
essays written by native and
non-native writers. The first
two essays are written by
(Cales and Liebert) and the
other by ( Abdullah and
Vincent). A statistic study is
made to show the frequency of
participle clauses. The results
show the under use of such
clauses in non-native writings
though such clauses are
regarded as signal of a good
writer. This may be mainly due
to the effect of translation from
the mother tongue to the
second language and some
other possible reasons. The
paper ends with some
conclusions and
recommendations resulted
from the study.

The Assertiveness behavior Relation with thesix variable of Students of Teacher Training Institute In Karbala Province

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 228-256

The Institute for the
preparation of teachers
of effective social
institutions that affect
and are affected by the
ocean, they are making
the community a point
of making his instrument
in the technical and
professional leaders
And intellectual on the
other. Adding to the
importance he was
dealing with a slice of
slides is important in
society because they
were the leaders of the
future and the real
power in it. In so doing,
the Institute is to
embody the principles
of educational, social
qualities and moral
concepts in the hearts
of his students,
Because of their
significant impact in
building the human
personality with its
various dimensions of
mental, psychological,
social and moral. And
that the educational
goal became not give
the student the means
of information, but also
care for his personality
as a whole in the mental
and psychological
aspects in order to
make him a human
being Confident of his
abilities and potential
and aware of his money
and what it and what to
do, to do effective with
the meaning of 0 and is
the behavior affirmative
of the important
concepts of man and
society because the
individual who lacks the
behavior affirmative,
fails to express his
thoughts and feelings,
or expressed a kind of
exaggeration in
subjection . as it fails to
claim his or her
personal or tends to
compliment others and
respond to their wishes
in order to please them,
even at the expense of
the same, time and
money and reputation,
and this is incompatible
with the message
education that seeks to
feed the community with
individuals of the
righteous, in order to
configure and create a
generation conscious
believer abilities and
potential to reach the
maximum can be up to
him success and to the
formation of personality
Well compatible
consensus. In addition
to the psychological and
social consensus is vital
goal of man to preserve
the continuity of his life,
which is a series of
clear consensus
through its interaction
with itself and with the
environment in which
they live. The
development of the
psychologically and
socially compatible and
is able to assert itself
and confident of himself
who can defend his
point of view, which
continues its work under
the Friendly relations
with others is a person
of good which
contributes to building
the society and be a
useful member in which
the ability of the
individual's compatibility
successful or not largely
on the experience
gained in the stages of
his life and that have a
significant impact on the
formation of selfconcept
has for the
concept of a significant
impact in his behavior
and his actions. The
behavior of the
individual in the
environment reflects the
For himself, and a
positive view of the self
provide its owner the
ability to deal
successfully with life
and then lead to the
achievement of
happiness and
happiness of others. We
have identified the goals
of current research,
including the following:
the first goal: measuring
the level of assertive
behavior among
students in the teacher
training institute .
the second goal: to
identify the significance
of the difference in
behavior among the
students of the Institute
of affirmative teacher
preparation according to
the sex variable (male -
research students of the
teacher training institute
in the province of
Karbala for the
academic year (2010-
2011) and for grades
five-0 and formed the
research sample of
(258) students by (129)
males and (129)
And distributed to
grades five and by (23)
students from the first
phase, (49) students
from the second phase,
(45) students from the
third phase, (54)
students from the fourth
stage, (87) students
from the fifth stage 0
The researcher has built
two standards to
achieve the objectives
of the research are:a
measure assertive
1 - with respect to the
first objective: showing
that the level of
affirmative behavior with
the average of the
sample where the
average was achieved
(53.93), while the
average was
hypothetical (54) 0 and
the value of T was
calculated (-0.144) is
smaller than the tabular
value of (1.960) at the
level of significance
2 - and the second goal:
the results indicate the
existence of statistically
significant differences
between respondents
according to gender and
in favor of males. Where
the arithmetic average
for males (57.31) with
arithmetic average for
females (50.55) while
the value is equal to the
calculated T (8.32) is
greater than the tabular
value of T (1.960) at
the level of significance
(0.05) 0
In light of the results
shown by the research
provides the researcher
a number of
including the possible
use of
centers in the admission
to the institutes, in
addition to
strengthening the
curriculum and varied
activities that encourage
assertive behavior, take
advantage of students
who have
A high level of conduct
or affirmative.
Psychological and
social leadership in
various social activities
within the Institute so
that they are role
models for others who
enjoy the low-assertive

Appoach in the book of AL-Bakri Said Morocco -in Africa and the Maghreb

prof .Dr.Zaman obaid Wannas; Hanadi Mahdi Karim

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 305-318

Abu Ubeida AL-Bakri is of
the Arabic thinking scientists
during the 5th century B.H.
and 11th century A.H. in
doing the complete
encyclopedia in culture.
Moreover, he has been
directed into various arts
and done a lot of them.
The current research aims
at studying Abu Ubeida in
the frame of his own reign in
which he portraited its
events and happenings (or
realities) that were
represented in his writings
especially his famous book
Morocco -in Africa and the
Maghreb. Thus, the present
study has been restricted to
the African trait and
Morocco from this book.
Furthermore, this passage
is considered the one the
marvelous and oldest
writing about Morocco. On
one hand, it has been
considered the human trait
and from the first economic
model. On the other hand, it
has been the greatest book
which contained the history
of Morocco as he has
collected whatever he had
gained of references
regularly, and benefited a
lot, and been accurate in
checking the reading
carefully. Thus, his works
have contained various
factors for the great benefit
in the side of those who
study the civilized history,
and social as well as
political history and …. etc.
Moreover, being set from
this point, this study has
taken into consideration
shedding light on this man
and his province besides his
scientific efforts in indenting
the history of his own place.
His days were divided into
many states and places that
were conflicted so as to get
expansion that is why he
has presented to us a
material that could have
been gloomy in the history

The Effectiveness Of Using Class Activities In Acquiring And Concepts By The Students Of TheSustaining Geographical First Year Intermediate Schools

Azher Muhammad Ali KadhimAziz K.Naief

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 319-349

And Scientific Research
University of Karbala
College of Education for human studies
The Effectiveness Of Using Class Activities In Acquiring And
Concepts By The Students Of TheSustaining Geographical
First Year Intermediate Schools
By Student
Azher Muhammad Ali KadhimAziz K.Naief
This research aims
know (the effectiveness of
using class activities in
acquiring and sustaining
geographical concepts by
the students of the firstyear
intermediate schools).
To achieve this aim, the
researcher has constructed
tow nil hypotheses:
1.Statistically there is no
significant relation at(0,05)
level between the average
marks of the experimental
group taught by using class
activities and of the
controlled group taught by
traditional method in the test
of acquiring geographical
2. There is not such a
significant relation also
between the two group in
the test of sustaining
geographic concepts.
The research has been
conducted on the first- year
intermediate and secondary
morning schools for girls,
belonging to the general
directory of education in
The sample, which was
chosen from the first- year
students of summaye
intermediate school,
randomly consists of (68)
The material to be tested
was the first four chapters
from the textbook of
geography, principles of
general geography for the
first- year intermediate
schools (20) geographical
concepts were identified,
and (112) behavioral goals .
The test of acquiring
geographical concepts
consists of (60) items of
multiple- choice type in
agreement with the three
processes of measuring the
acquiring of
concepts(defining the
concept- recognizing the
concept- applying the
concept) the test was
assured for its validity,
reliability and psychometric
The data were analyses
by using(t-test) the results
showed that the
experimental group which
was taught by using class
activities has surpassed the
second group taught by
traditional method in both
tests acquiring geographical
concepts test, and
sustaining geographical
concepts test.
In the light of the findings
obtained, the researcher put
forward the following
1.Concentrating on class
activities as a fundamental
component of lesson
2.Having booklets or leaflets
to explain the goals of
educational class activities
for all stages to help
teachers of social sciences
when teaching these
3.Constructing training
courses for teachers of
geography to be aware of
the importance and use of
these educational class
The researcher suggests
that the following studies
should be carried out: -
1.Conducting a similar study
for other different stages
and other variables such as
creative thinking and
problem solving.
2. Conducting a similar
study for other subjects.