ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 5, Issue 14

Volume 5, Issue 14, Spring 2015, Page 7-400

Spiritual Intelligence and Its Relationship with Pattern of personality(Extroversion - Intr roversion)for the stage Preparatory students

Assistant .Prof. Dr.Adnan Marid Al-Magsousi; Mohammed Abd Al-Abbas Al-Muswi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 7-32

This research aims to Identify:-
1- The level of spiritual intelligence for the students of preparatory stage at preparatory students .
2- Types of pattern of (Extroversion - Introversion) and for the preparatory school students .
3- The relationship between spiritual intelligence and the personal behavior extroversion - introversion according to the variable social kind majoring patterns.
To achieve the research objectives the both of the searchers had choose a sample consists of (500) students by random class selection with approperat distribution for fifth grade students (scientific ,literary)stream both gender of the academil year (2014) in Karbala province , the spiritual intelligence standard has been structured deperding on Gardner theory(1983) in order to achieve study aims ,then four scopes variance of statistical function has been specified those are solving the problems, ,sublimitation ,mental awareness and, virtue the searcher formulate items for every scope of these four standards he also did the statistic analyses for the items and checking out the standard prosperities of stability and verification ,Externd veracity extracted it to by offering arbitrators committee of psychology and psycho measurement to offer their openions about the items validity for the stability ,it has been extracted by two ways, they are retesting and it amounted it (0.84) ,and the Alfa-Gronbauch amounted at (o.86) ,the two researchers adopted the measurement of extroversion and introversion from Eysenck list that comprise of, (24) items ,answered by (Yes) or (No) and for the standard vision (B) of Eysenck list of personality ,thus ,the two researchers verify the validity of the standard and its stability ,extracted apparent veracity by presenting it for a group of judgments, specialized in psychology and psycho measurement specialists ,Its range was (0.77) for the (extroversion - introversion)
After finishing the practices ,the two searchers used suitable statistic ways for analyzing data ,the results show the following :
1- The current sample members have spiritual Intelligence.
2- The sample members of the current research have the personality kind about (Extroversion) aspects .
3- There is a positive correlation between the spiritual Intelligence degrees and the personality pattern (Extroversion -Introversion) for the research sample members .

Psychological exhaustion and its relationship to social performance With Mothers of children with special needs Search unsheathed from the Master

Assistant profe. phd. Ahmed Abdul Hussein Alezergawi; Mary Aad Altufaili

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 107-138

The exhaustion and psychological serious problem, its impact extends to most of the behavior of the individual, where it has a range of negative effects that may affect the individual, which result in a lack of individual production, and the withdrawal of his work, but of the whole of life Vihad early, and even if he continued his work shall be routine, and less interest in dimension humanitarian deal considerably less Musharkath compassionate with those around him and weaken the social discipline and less cooperation with the members of the society.The current research was aimed to identify:
1. The level of psychological exhaustion among mothers of children with special needs.
2. statistically significant at the level of psychological exhaustion maternal differences depending on the variable of academic achievement (primary, lower secondary, university).
3. social performance among mothers of children with special needs.
4. statistically significant differences in social performance level of maternal variable depending on the academic achievement (primary, lower secondary, university).
5. The correlation between the two variables Search (psychological exhaustion and social performance).
In order to achieve objectives of the research, the researcher build psychological exhaustion scale adopted Samurai Scale (2003), social performance, has been followed researcher scientific steps in the construction of psychological scales and extract Alsekoumtria properties through applied research sample the (400) (mother), and after making sure of the validity and reliability indicators

he Style Liberal Thinking of Secondary School Teachers Search unsheathed from the Master Thesis

Yassin Abdullah;; Sarah Abdul al Zahra Obeid Al- Zubaidy

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 154-172

The present research aims to indentify :
1- Style of liberal thinking of these teachers . 2- The significant differences in the style of liberal thinking of these teachers according to the variables of gender ( male , female ) and specialization ( human , science ) . To achieve these aims , the researcher prepares a test for the style of liberal thinking , she measures the validity , reliability and discriminatory power among the items of the test . The researcher then applies it on a sample of male and female teachers which consists of (489) subjects who are chosen randomly and according to variant stages from secondary schools which belong to the directorate of education in Karbala , morning studies. After processing the data statistically using (t-test ) for one sample and the two independent sample , Cronbach‘s alpha , and ANOVA, the researcher arrived to the following results :
1- The teacher have the style of liberal thinking . 2- The presence of statistically significant differences in favor of males in the jurisdiction of human liberation in the style of thinking. After extraction the result , the researcher presented a set of conclusion, recommendation and proposal .

Aspiration between grammatical Writings and the readerly Writings "Towards a new methodology of writing it"

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 196-220

"Aspiration between grammatical Writings and the readerly Writings". As for the subtitle "Towards a new methodology of writing it", it was imposer by the research out put and the reconsideration of many aspects of the study which resulted in a suggestion relating to the possibility of putting forward a new methodology of reading it a ccording to the maxims of phonological Literature.
The paper falls in to a definition, purpose and divisions, readings of doctor GhanimQadouri Al_ Hamad and parts of speech as read by doctor MuhammedKh, Al_ Harbi. The paper ends up with a conclusion.

Psychological asthenia and its relationship to the feeling of guilt among the students of the university

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 222-238

The university students is an important element in building communities and provided They are the most Exposed to injury psychological disorders Including psychological asthenia, which is a serious problem Impact may extend to most of the behaviors of individuals because of their negative effects Which may affect the individual and stopped most of its activities in life has its reasons attributed to many factors, including guilt
Therefore, the goal of current research to know the level of psychological asthenia, which used a measure researcher Kazem (2011) and its relationship to the feeling of guilt where researcher relied on a scale Alhsnawi (2008) and extracted honesty and consistency and excellence paragraph of the two measures (psychological asthenia, guilt) and use the test samples t te-test)) and used the bag statistical Spss)). The researcher found that there is a relationship between psychological asthenia and guilt among the students of the university. The researcher found to a number of recommendations and suggestions .

ALHR suburb (Inception and its urban)

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 295-314

The suburb of the alhr one cities suburbs holy city of Karbala, which originated long ago as areas of agricultural witnessed stable human from many Arab tribes date back stability of the human where to periods prior to the advent of Islam, the more important after the incident tuff painful after the burial Sahaabi where (free bin Yazid Riahi) where the year 61 AH and the establishment of his grave Sharif where and who like the first nucleus of the emergence of suburbs form the initial, evolved suburb urban through the stages of urban multi-formed from which its urban and population, have been linked to the suburb city of Karbala since giving it described administrative Knahih during the seventies of the last century, which took its administrative independence in 1999 and has developed many of its basic schemes was most recently planned the foundation in 2013 of which were distributed among urban uses on most residential sectors

The stage of good feelings In the USA

Prof. Dr.Haidar Talib Hussain

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 367-386

Led the presidential election in 1800 for the Democratic Republican Party win the presidency by candidate Thomas Jefferson , and since his victory , the last wire policy led to the expansion of its base mass and consolidate his influence on the one hand , and the weakening of the federal party and the demise of American political life, on the other hand , has embodied that policy the purchase of Louisiana province of France in 1803 at $ 15 million , and it commissioned showed that Republican party Appearance federal substance.
The party also took advantage of federal opposition to the War of 1812 with Britain, although the interests of the country require the establishment, which is exploited by Republicans to strengthen their influence and visually rivals Federalist Party. Since 1804 took the party continued to back down and got in the presidential elections held in the past (1804.1808 0.1816), but the (34,47,14), respectively, while it did not provide a candidate in the presidential elections in 1812, and that came In 1820 elections, the party continues until the final of American political life to pave a new stage called the good feelings or compromise and harmony stage by stage, as the country which has not seen partisan competition for the post of the American presidency.

The Meaning of Conscience IN ROBERT BOLT’S A Man For All Seasons

M.Maali Abdul Hussein Mehdi

Al-Bahith Journal, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 388-400

Robert Bolt’s famous play A Man for All Seasons can easily be read(or seen) as a story of the struggle between Good and Evil. The man of conscience Sir Thomas More, represents the good side, valiantly seeks to reconcile obedience of God, his love for his family, his profession, and his loyalty to king Henry VIII, but is brought low by the king’s insatiable lust and his followers’, the evil side, determination to destroy him if cannot corrupt him.
Hence, the study attempts to figure out the meaning of conscience according to Thomas More and other characters. However, the heroic figures,such as Sir Thomas More, who embrace martyrdom, not out of despair with life, but as a way of affirming their allegiance to an idea that eventually acquires widespread acceptance and legitimacy.
The study ends with the conclusion that aims at summing up the study findings.