ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 7, Issue 19

Volume 7, Issue 19, Summer 2017, Page 6-573

Deviation of Grice's Manner Maxim In Hamlet 's Character

Azhar Hassan Salumee

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 6-23

The present study
addresses the issue of
implication in
Shakespeare's Hamlet,
viewed from a Gricean
perspective. Conversational
exchanges are chosen and
analysed with regard to acts
of non-observance
(Violating) of Gricean
manner maxim. The
researcher has found out
that the character Hamlet
violates the manner maxim
by using too many words,
repeating information,
stating ambiguous
speeches, and using
obscure expressions. The
reasons behind this
violation vary from
unwillingness to cooperate
to misleading the people. In
other words, Hamlet in
violating this maxim aims at
getting the hearer not to
know the truth but to build
his/her understanding on
the surface meaning of the
words. Hopefully, these
findings would improve the
understanding of the
violation of manner maxim
specifically for misleading
and enable the reader to

Abbasid caliphate and Imam Hadi (AS) )AD 768AD - 742AH AH / 242- 232

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 176-195

That Imam al-Hadi (peace be upon him), had a prominent and
important role to complement the role of his grandfather the
Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his family) and his
fathers, Imams (peace be upon them) in the application of
Islam and save it and ensure his immortality for all mankind.
The Imam (peace be upon him) politically active senior
represented in the left fighting the ruling and avoid provoking,
and respond to the thrills of intellectual and suspicions religious
by the scholars of the ruling power and the scientific challenge
of succession, scientists, and expand the circle of his influence
in the organ of the Authority as well as consolidating the issue
of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him), especially since Imam
(peace be upon him) had been marked by his time close to the
era of absence is anticipated, came upon him that prepares the
group suitable for the reception of this new era which was
entrusted by the terms of not practicing Muslims their lives only
under the direct link imams infallible during two centuries, and
here was the role of Imam Hadi (peace be upon him) in this
area however Building and difficult in spite of the hadith and
novels honest about the absence of the twelfth Imam of the
Imams(peace be upon him), where the tightened control in its capital,
the mystery of the opinion, however, that the Imam (peace be
upon him) was exercising his role required and activity
guideline carefully and cautiously, so he (peace be upon him)
on the immunization community safe and prepared for the
stage of backbiting, defensible ideologically, scientifically and
educationally, militarily and economically, and take this line of
the agency and the prosecution is moving towards
independence, which was required by the era of occultation big
thanks to Imam Hadi (peace be upon him) and after him his
son Al-Askari (peace be upon him) in the maintenance of Islam
Nation of deviation or collapse the exercise of intense activity
in this important stage of the stages of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace
be upon them) with the challenges were directed to them

Supporting Ergonomics Future Through Adopting Psychological engineering :Applied research in The National Chemical & Plastic Industries Co

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 232-249

Ergonomics was first used in 1949 in The British navies Force .
During the 70s of the previous century , it was used in
services sectors. During the 90s the term was used in
information technology . System objective is to achieve
humanistic sides , economic sides connected to movement
and time and the sides of reducing expenses to rise
. productivity
Psychological engineering is the most activity of Nauro
Linguistic Programming that works to develop every aspect of
life through hard work to achieve many objectives . In this
paper we have worked to indicate the relevant objectives and
. that have mutual influence with Ergonomics

Building a model for amending the Arabic curriculum in primary schools


Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 250-275

wed distributional analysis and survival and
fielded curriculum to achieve the research goal by a
compositing research society of Arabic language teachers
(female and male ) for primary stage so they were teaching
Arabic language in primary schools that referred to
directorates of Baghdad governorate in AL-RUSAFA and ALKARKH
wherein their number were (2026 ) of teachers
(female and male ) and the research sample were consists of
(200) of teachers they were selected randomly from research
society in reality of (100 ) female and ( 100 ) male in purpose
to gain on clauses represented the sixth campaigns that
included by amending process
Researcher has done scouting study reached to scout sample
as (50) teachers (female & male ) from those who teaching
Arabic language material and (10 ) from teachers who were
teaching Arabic language and (10 ) of them they were as
Arabic language supervisors and (5 ) of them they were as
curriculums' workers in education ministry and (10 ) of them
they were as methods of teaching and the curriculums in
colleges of Baghdad university , then researcher showed
explanation clauses on group of specialists in field of
education methods in case of to know the range of
authorization period of clauses upon achieve investigation of
apparent troth after they gave their opinions some of clauses
were canceled and it considered as in ratio of 80% from
acceptance the clause < so it become (107 ) clauses then such
clauses showed on group of experiences they had corrected
in previous time in fields of tool correction and their
expectations as researcher used measurement tool called of
triple THYERSTON after concluded to final shape of
amending model , researcher started with his application
through period between 20/1/2012 to 30/4/2012 on a sample of
Arabic language teachers for center of Baghdad that among of
(200 ( teachers ( female & male ) to achieve research's goal
and it is the amending of Arabic language in primary schools ,
therefore researcher used a computer to earn his results and

“Summary in Economic organizations of the State of Ur III according to cuneiform texts”

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 312-331

The Economy in Ancient Mesopotamia was depending on
Agriculture and Domestication of Animals and their Products
leading to the establishment of Urban settlements, in addition
to Industries and trade which depend on them. Economic
activities were continued throughout Historical periods,
therefore the documentation inhabitants and daily records were
very important for the Mesopotamians, not only for economic
activities but for their daily life, because of the increasing of
these population and the commercial activities.
The research “Summary in Economic organizations of the
State of Ur III according to cuneiform texts “contains three
sections, the first section dealt with Agriculture, including the
labor force, divisions and classes , functions performed by
each class The second section dealt with industry and
terminology contained in the cuneiform texts, which pointed to
the character and primary industries such as textiles, leather
and other crafts while third section addressed trade in both its
internal and external trade and dealt to the professions and
prominent names from the merchants that reminded them
cuneiform texts.

Address Content analysis programs for women in the channel (Heah) satellite for the period from

M. Amer Sabar Ali

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 421-433

channel (is) space) researcher used the descriptive analytical
method to reach valid conclusions and matching study aims to:
1. Identify how interesting channel for Arab Women (are)
important Arab women's issues.
2. Stand on the order of the agenda issues of the screen
channel (is) for women.
3. Know the size of educational programs and education
provided by the channel (is).
4. What is the size of interest slides problems with larger
proportions in the community of women goal of working
women, farming, nomadic.
The study found a set of results was highlighted:
1. Not taking into account the specialized media for women to
environmental characteristics and social and economic
2. Software lacks many of the scientific criteria and media
3. Petty tyranny of entertainment programs.
4. Attention to women's issues educated and wealthy in the
cities and capitals and neglect issues and minor problems of
To achieve the objectives of the study are distributed research
on three chapters:
1 - Chapter I: methodological framework, which included a
research problem and the importance of the aim of the
research and the limits of research and research methodology.
2 - Chapter II: the theoretical framework, addressing media
specialist and specialized television channels and women and
communication technology, media properties against women
and the image of women in the Arab specialized Vdaúyatea

a title: The Climate Change and their role in biodiversity in Lake Razzazah

Al-Bahith Journal, 2017, Volume 7, Issue 19, Pages 493-518

climate change formed a major challenge to all the variables
of natural and human, economic, social and environmental, led
the result to bring about big changes. And the issue of climate
change and their role in biodiversity in Lake Razzazah was
clear as a result of the impact of these changes in the water
level of the lake and the area of (1324.5) km2 in July from the
year 1999 to (435) km2 in (September) of the year 2012. And
its impact on the most important chemical properties of the
lake to reach year 2012 the proportion of total dissolved salts
(TDS) (65907) ppm, and chlorides (27876) ppm, and sulfates
(9100) ppm, and turbidity (223) and (PH) (7.50), and brackish
(22123) ppm . They represent high levels influenced damage
to biodiversity in the lake, especially fish, snails and birds and
marine Alhoaúm the plants. As well as the reflection of all the
importance of the lake, environmental and economic her future
of tourism.