ISSN: 2003-2222

Volume 4, Issue 11

Volume 4, Issue 11, Spring 2014, Page 7-404

Al-Musta'li Imamate And The Mean Of Proofing Critical & analytic study for both documents " Guidance & Compulsion"

Dr. Haider M.Abdullah Al-Karbalaee

Al-Bahith Journal, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, Pages 7-26

We have reviewed already in four categories " Al-Musta'li Imamate And The Mean Of Proofing Critical & analytic study for both documents " Guidance & Compulsion" , we would like to explain the following : -
-The Fatimites gave the imamate great position and become quern pivot which centralized most of their faith after prophecy and Monotheism .They regarded Imamate one of the basis of religion and its cornerstone , rather faith .
- The Fatimates regarded imamate as source of gratitude, because imamate is leading the world and discover the reality , and they made from the existence of imam necessity for every time to teach the ignorant . They associate imamate with infallibility .
- both documents " Guidance & Compulsion" are regarded important official documents from Fatimites time because it is focus on first faith & political division affected the Fatimites caliphate after the death Al-Fatimi caliphate Al-Mustansir ( 427-487 A.H / 1035 -1094 A.D ) .
- The research proved that the date of writing those two documents is (516 A.H / 1122A.D ) and not ( 518 A.H /1124 A.D ) as some historians said .
- they showed that if more that text made by imam for more than a son , the last text should be taken only in the time of his death , because it is necessary to all texts.
- It shows also the writer of both documents focused on explanation , because the made leaning depends on the interpretation of the Quran verses in the way of explanation and confirming that only their imams were the preservers and the inheritors of these explanations ; therefore they attributed the interpretation to the Prophet and the call him articulator and the task of explanation only for imam ..
- We have reached through the research to the point that Nazariat – Ismaelists nature is secession movement , split from fatimiyat caliphate and from the headquarters of Fatimiyat – Ismaeliyat call due to an issue regarding Ismaeliyat Imamate

The military coup in Pakistan in 1958 and take over Mohammed Ayub Khan rule (historical Study)

Ala; a Abbas Nama Al Safi; Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tanash Shuwaili; Asist

Al-Bahith Journal, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, Pages 65-80

Deteriorating economic and political situation in Pakistan to a great extent in Pakistan during the years (1951-1958), and there was grumbling and resentment extreme various classes and the popular demanded radical change of the situation dire, and attracted attention tends to the military establishment, led by Defense Minister and Commander of the Army (Muhammad Ayub Khan) to achieve this, he decided the last move and forced the President of the Republic (Iskander Mirza) to issue orders to the Pakistani army and the application of martial law, led by Ayub Khan with the suspension of the constitution in 1956 was done on 7 October 1958, but Ayub Khan wanted to autocracy, especially after disagreeing with Iskander Mirza in many issues concerning the administration of the State, and after the formation of a new government on 24 October of the same year under his leadership, have increased the powers of Ayub Khan dramatically, leaving rival in the leadership of the country's only Iskander Mirza , then he forced him to resign in October 27 1958 and Ayub Khan became president instead of him.

Linguistic Borrowing A Cross-Cultural Study of English-Arabic Loanwords

Assist. Prof. Haitham Ghazi Al-Mashkoor; Wafa; Abbas Sahan

Al-Bahith Journal, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, Pages 166-173

In a cross-cultural relationship Standard English and Standard Arabic languages come into contact to lend and borrow words reciprocally. Usually the borrowed word does not represent a mere rigid linguistic form, but a portrayal of the cultural and historical background of the source language. Having adopted a different perspective, the study investigates the phenomenon of borrowing from a cultural viewpoint. Chapter one projects an investigation about the concept of culture and its features. Different reasons behind borrowing are dealt with as an integral part of the survey of the phenomenon of borrowing. Chapter two illustrates a sample of the English loanwords in Arabic. Chapter three demonstrates a sample of the Arabic loanwords in English. Finally, the findings and conclusions of the study are pointed out through the conclusion part.

The effect of Homogeneity Learning strategy in acquiring Rhetorical concepts for Fifth year literary

Asst . proof . Dr . Kadhim Hussain Ghazal; Instructor Odai Obidian AL; Jarah

Al-Bahith Journal, 2014, Volume 4, Issue 11, Pages 229-245

This study aims at knowing the effect of using (Homogeneity Learning ) strategy in acquiring rhetorical concepts for fifth year literary students . to a achieve this aim the following hypothesis is postulated : ( there is no statistically significant difference on the level 0.05 , Between the mean scores of experimental group subjects who studied rhetoric's using (Homogeneity Learning ) strategy and that of the control group who studied the same material using the traditional way ) .
The researchers utilized the partial control experimental design , post – test two groups . they randomly selected ( Abdullah Bin Abbass secondary school for boys ) which have two sections of ( 67 ) students . Each sect has ( 34 ) students .
The researchers match the two groups in terms of (Age counted by months their
Achievement in Arabic language in the previous year , their scores in raven lQ test
And their parents achievement ).
Using the following statistical means (pearson correlation coefficient speman _
Brown correction formula ,distinction coefficient , difficulty coeffienl formula, t_
Test for two independent samples , and X2) .To measure the students acquisition ,
The researchers utilized a test of acquiring rhetorical concepts Which consisted of
30 ) multiple .the test was submitted to a)
Jury of experts to achieve its validity an to analyze its items and reliability the test
Was conducted on a sample of (100)fifth year literary students at al_Abbas and al_
Warkaa secondary school for girls in the city of Karbala (50 students in each school
after ) analyzing the results of students statistically ,it is found that all items were
Valid with a correlation coefficient of (0.88) which is very good .
After the end of the experiment (which lasted for six weeks ),the test was
Conducted on the two groups . using T_test for two independent .samples ,the
Statistcal analyses revealed that there is statistical significant diffrerence between
The mean scores of the two groups (in acquiring rhetorical concepts )on the
Benefit of the experimental group who taught rhetoric's using (Homogeneity Learning ) strategy .in
The light of results ,it is concluded that the abovementioned strategy has a great
Effects in acquiring rhetorical concepts .
The researchers recommended to use a variety of teaching methods in Arabic
Language material especially the rhetoric's and application as well as using
Strategies that may help creative thinking such as (Homogeneity Learning) for other grades whoTaught Arabic language.